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Ciana, Daniel Sylvester sees the backpack with an appeal on Facebook: "There are good people, not even a few"

Ciana, Daniel Sylvester sees the backpack with an appeal on Facebook: “There are good people, not even a few”

“There are good people, not even a few.” The Roman singer-songwriter Daniel Sylvester of “Salira” and other great sighs sigh after discovering the bag he lost in the San Casciano de Bagney in the province of Siena. Inside was a piece of his life, especially professional.

When he realized he didn’t have it, he returned to Sylvester County 321 after a trip by car. In the rain, with a torch in hand, he searched his spine for 4 kilometers, without success.

This morning, after being warned by law enforcement, the musician wrote a post asking for help from his Facebook fan community.

“With the backpack was my computer, three hard disks, various pen drives, notebooks in which I write my texts and other personal belongings.”

The tailgate of the car in which Sylvester was traveling with his wife and son opened at 13.30pm on the 22nd kilometer of the provincial road connecting San Casciano de Pacni with Casio. “I pulled it out after a while and we closed it and believed it was OK. It’s not like this. As soon as I discovered the disaster, I left my wife and son at home and went back to that place.”

He is also willing to pay a reward for discovering the precious songs of his songs: “I appeal to the network (always dying) in the hope that anyone who finds him will feel the damage, not only the economy.

More than a thousand shares of his followers gave him messages to offer help and advice.

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However, the songwriter’s request was not heard and all of his fans appeared after the much-awaited update. A bag with works by Daniel Sylvester was also seen at the time of the recording. “Awesome – we read in the comments – … now write us a song and you will know how to do it”.