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Cosmo Tedeschi e Gabriele Melogli

Izernia ‘Detshi’ unloads Melokli a week after the referendum: “I will not appear”

There is no resemblance to Gabriel Melogli, The center-right mayor will see it in a week Vote Against Piero Castrataro (Pd-M5S). Cosmo Dedeci suspends any notion of political agreement With the lawyer and the first round the next week clarifies the rumors that followed each other.

Polls do not announce winners: After counting last Monday (October 4), none of the first citizens received 50% and one vote. Dedecci, a businessman from Eicernino, was nominated by the Italian brothers and backed by Michael Iorio and Filotio de Santro, with his 15% preference becoming the tip of the iceberg.

In recent days he and Melogli have seen each other. To some media the deal seemed close, made the appearance. But no. Moreover, even Michael Ayorio, one of Dedichi’s most important ‘sponsors’, did not hide his opposition to the deal with an alliance led by President Donato Toma in the region, who has become a bitter political ‘enemy’ of the former governor. .

Ayorio’s divisive strategy sends the center-right crisis. First Admission: “You Can’t Win Without Him”, Patriccello is not enough

So refusing to appear was in the air.

Now Cosmo Dedechi has eliminated any possibility. One week after the vote, he decided to announce his decision in a press release: “After careful consideration of the results of the October 3/4 election vote of 2021, we made a series of comparisons with our candidates. .

Highlighted during the election campaign and it has always characterized our political activity, what we are most interested in is solving the problems of our fellow citizens. In particular, we have three specific programs: Hospital security, reopening of municipal swimming pool, construction of university center. Isernia needs an administration that can achieve concrete results in the short term.

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In the last few hours we have been reading untrue and untrue news on news and social media.

Here’s what really happened according to the story of Cosmo Dedeci: “We were called by Mayor Melokli’s candidate, we heard, we are told that it has lost political credibility and confidence in the citizens because it has always been ignored, their expectations. Led to the orientation of creative responsibility for the future. Therefore, there is no unity and no political agreement. “

At the end of the note Beyond the success of the businessman, Gabriel Melokli or Piero Castradoro, he will enter the Citizens’ Assembly as an Opposition Councilor. He again thanked the citizens of Isernia, saying, “With their help we have been able to restart our city with a solid, effective and shared plan.