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Smash No More Heroes

Now for this show on Heroes 3, Sudha 51 Masahiro Sakurai – Endeavor got permission

Since 2009 Heroes creators no longer want to Sudha51 His main character Travis as the playable fighter of the Touch Town Super Smash Brothers.. Exactly one year ago, his wish was only partially fulfilled because Travis was priced at more than 0.80 euros. Mi-Costüm Super Smash Brothers Ultimate is available. “If Travis didn’t advance on the Smash list as a playable character, I would create my own Smash Brothers with Travis,” Suda 51 might have thought during the development of No Heroes 3. If you have not finished the game yet, we will talk to you from here Spoilerwarnung If you do not want to let the surprise spoil you, like it Smash Brothers-Esterek In No more heroes3 Seems

This is more than a simple Easter egg, because you can expect something amazing in the final fight of No More Heroes 3 1 vs 1 match in Super Smash Brothers style., Which is clearly based on the popular Nintendo Beat ’em ups game. Sudha51 Now this fight started as a joke and the development evolved and actually ended in the tear of Super Smash Brothers. Sudha 51 thought it might be a problem and thought of canceling the fight altogether or changing a lot.

Suda 51 decided early on Nintendo To Contact, In his opinion, surprisingly strengthened his back and promised to take responsibility if anyone complained about it. Suda 51 has also appointed smash creators Masahiro சகுரை Sequence of fights Fantastic thing And Blessed the project. This inspired the No More Heroes director Copied by Fight Smash Now in the final match of Heroes 3, you can watch here:

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Now Suda 51 has already created a Smash Moveset for Travis – does this increase the chances of Masahiro Sakura, the potential successor of Super Smash Brothers Ultimate, finally joining Travis Touchdown as a fighter? This question will probably remain unanswered for many years.

Are you surprised that the final of Knights 3 is now staged in Smash Brothers style? How do you like this note?