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It ferments in the union: the CDU cannot force a candidate on voters - politically

It ferments in the union: the CDU cannot force a candidate on voters – politically

This has never happened before, with the change of presidential candidate shortly before the election. But never say the wall fell and a pope resigned. CDU leader Armin Laschett will not be president, but if that means Comrade Olaf Scholes, why should the union have decided whether it was good or bad?

Does the union not want to notice it? Probably not because they can’t: their groups can’t impose the head of government on the people. Paradoxically, if the CDU continues in this position, it is threatened by the fate of the SPD. The Social Democrats repeatedly gave the impression that they would have elevated the electorate at some point. 20 percent is a good result.

It is fermenting, just behind the doors that have been closed so far

Anyway, things are fermenting in the CDU regional groups in Bundestack. Many say it, but so far only behind the scenes: the wrong election campaign, i.e. nobody, and the wrong candidate. CSU is not happy now, it always considers its leader Marcus Soder right.

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No, that also suffers: CSUs in Bavaria in general are seven percent larger than CDUs nationwide. That means she only brings in 30 percent.

The CD giants surrounding Volker Bofier and Wolfgang Schuble cannot be expected to move away from the Armin Lasheet. But critical voices will increase on the federal board. Wait and see what else comes out of regional associations and regional groups. You can even win an election campaign in four weeks. SPD shows that too. Martin Schulz’s enthusiasm is over too early. Such a stir in the union will now last until election day. Lashet ignites it, or, like Schulz, stands at the train stop coming from Axon.

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