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Isaac's Bond: Repentance does not forget the owners of European boxes

Isaac’s Bond: Repentance does not forget the owners of European boxes

The Binding of Isaac: Penance was finally published in Europe and Switzerland, but only to the owners of the digital version.

Currently, those who buy the game physics version can not play penance, even if you bought the game in the e-shop. Unfortunately, this is not really Nintendo’s problem, but the publisher’s problem. The game was released in a box by Headup, but now Nichols is in charge of the game, so there is currently a demand to change the rights around the game. In particular the console recognizes the game as a Nickelis game. Headup. And he will no longer make the difference between the two games. If you try to do “+” in your game box, then the software info NIntendo eShop, you will not find the DLC because it is not in your version.

Tyrone Rodriguez, executive producer of The Binding of Isaac, says it all on Twitter during 7 tweets.

If you ever want to play Repentance, it is now mandatory to buy it digitally, you will unfortunately lose your savings because the savings between the two versions are not recognized. Like two different games. The steps have begun, and now it’s only time and paperwork, Tyrone explains to us. Everything is in the hands of Nintendo of Europe (NOE).

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He and, above all, mentions that Headup was very understanding and very helpful on the European boarding of the game, so you should not be negative about them on Twitter or elsewhere, it is not their fault.