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July 1 is Official Pizza Day

July 1 is Official Pizza Day

Pokemon has officially announced that July 1st will be celebrated as Pizza Day, which is why we can expect full week events. Announcing and announcing the launch of Niantic Pokemon GO-Blog Also found Pizza!

Wild Pizza 2021 appears on the first drives on Friday 25th June. Additionally, they can master attacks that they would not normally learn, and for the first time you can enjoy Iridescent Pizza. Pokemon GO Meeting (we reported).

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All important information about Pizza Day can be found here Pokemon GO:

Date and time

Thursday, July 1, 2021 10am to 8pm (local time)


  • All details of the Pizza acquisition will be available on Pizza Day.
  • Incredibly many pizza appear in the woods! In addition, Pizza will only appear in Level 1, Level 3 and Level 5 Raid battles! If you are lucky, you may encounter a glossy pizza! No mega raids will take place during this period.
  • Pizza captured during the event knows Colossus Power Attack, and you can use Charge DM to teach Pizza Ice Beam, Ghost Ball or Thunderbolt. After the event, use the Elite Charger TM to teach Pizza Ice Beam, Ghost Ball, Power Colossus or Thunderbolt.
  • Group GO rocket bullies often use crypto pizza. Save this pizza!
  • The Pizza Cup takes place all day in the GO Battle League! Only Pizza can be used in this cup. The Master League, Master League (Classic) and Element Cup will continue to be available during this event.
  • Complete the free exclusive special research for special rewards! This is the first specialized research that affects the plot and event of your results research.
  • When you finish researching, you will receive a unique pizza hat for your avatar.


Pizza! பிடிசா… பிடிசா… பிடிசா… டிசா… பிடிசா!

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