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Is Van der Ley also ready to kill Conte?

Is Van der Ley also ready to kill Conte?

In the last few hours he has appeared in magazines A large-scale analysis In fact Ursula van der Leyen On January 8, Giuseppe Conte and his government would have been effectively shielded, ”he said. Redemption Fund ”. Shortly after his appointment with the political leaders in Brussels at a difficult stage of negotiations, the wall against the wall with words saying that the President of the European Commission is ready to throw a lifetime to the President of the Council and the majority of the consolidated M5S-Pd in ​​2019 and Italy Viva and Matteo Renzi.

But to rebut Giulio Androtti, we understand that perhaps the situation is a bit more complicated. The effects of the government crisis in a member state such as Italy were questioned at a press conference over the allocation of funds for the recovery, the former defense minister said. Angela Merkel He declared: “We negotiate with member states regardless of different political circumstances”, and “we have clear conditions for resumption of access to finance, namely: investments and reforms, the Green Pact and digital transformation. This is what is important to us.” Containing everything but the wind, he has in recent weeks repeatedly annoyed the social forces for the delays and delays put forward by the process of formulating the National Recovery and Recession Plan (PNRR).

Conte would like to thank the European Minister Enzo Amendola (PD) is increasingly fighting among itself, following cross-cuts among the majority members, in order to expedite a process to expand the national program for recovery funds. Amendola immediately warned of the dangers: delays are too costly for Italy. In a recent interview Ambassador He called on government colleagues for a “healthy level of realism.” As for Conte, Federico Bubini Courier della sera He pointed out recently that the official mandate to deal with the recovery fund has been given to the Minister of Economy Roberto Qualteri Last December 30 only.

Ursula van der Leன்n and his social “administrator,” Paulo Gentiloni, are only interested in avoiding the total failure of Kialorosi, which pays the recovery fund for irreparable damage to the film and the cast. In this regard, they have repeatedly sent out explicit warnings a day to a traditional Prime Minister, which is essential for his traditional patrons. It is not difficult to see what is behind Van der Leyen’s announcements and what lies behind that identity “regardless of different political circumstances” Long petitions of Angela Merkel. At a time when their gap to Berlin’s economic recovery is working, Germany needs a strategic victory in the recovery fund to reconcile the new balance set with the political mediators that opened in the spring to overcome the long-standing austerity arrears.

Conte had already seen the American side evaporate for some time, he was able to express El Espresso, The key notes of the states in government now include Lorenzo Guirini and the aforementioned Amendola, Biden era bringing with it a gradual marginalization with it. Donald Trump And the Prime Minister’s own ambitions in services, coupled with his lust for power in this field, compromise its credibility in the eyes of the deep bureaucracy and the state. Further Vatican The traditional reconciliation with the Prime Minister seems to have faded after months of misunderstandings and difficult conversations, while the loss of the European cap confirms Conte’s steady decline.

Conte was essential until a few weeks ago, when it was at the height of the epidemic. Renziani Those who oppose the most dishonest moves are certainly not wrong. It is common for those seeking political support to sustain stages of the crisis to read every announcement, even the most formal and traditional, as explicit support; But the significance of Van der Leyne’s words goes deeper than it looks, and it tells us that in the future, Europe is ready to do without “Giuseppe” and that it is very important for parliament to defend the plans of the appointed government to manage them. The opposite cannot be said: Conte led the birth of the Giorgio government by converting traditional Europeanism to its (new) value, and being sad on the same grounds would cause him to lose serious credibility.