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Is it good then?  Hideo Kojima is working on the Silent Hill resume

Is it good then? Hideo Kojima is working on the Silent Hill resume


Current rumors about A. Quiet Mountain-The resume has been confirmed by another source. So there are many indications that Metal Gear developer Hideo Kojima will be revived in the horror series.

It happened: Like Gematsu A quote Report by the British news site VGC Reports, Hideo Kojima may meanwhile work on a restart for Silent Hill. Anonymous publishing sources suggest this – the rumor mill continues to be provoked by a tweet from former Silent Hill artist Masahiro Ito.

It is not entirely clear whether the resumption plan could be a discontinued Silent Hills.

Rouhe in Frieden, head of the pyramid

If the aforementioned release sources speak the truth, Konami will return to the production of classic video games after a long Pachinko attack. The Japanese developer has several Silent Hill games in addition to the newer versions of Castlevania and Metal Gear.

The latter is said to have originated from outdoor studios; The Silent Hill resume in particular is funded by Sony. This may at least refer to the temporary PlayStation exclusivity.

In connection with the current rumors, Silent Hill designer Masahiro Ido (Silent Hill 1-4) drew attention. He posted the following tweet:

Edo had previously said he would not return to the Silent Hill series until Pyramid kills the head. Apparently the strong Japanese seem to have won.

We have no information yet about the Silent Hill resume. But we are on the ball for you.

Are you excited about the latest developments in Silent Hill or have you found this series uninteresting due to the long wait?

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