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Irene Michaels ?? ?? I On Beauty ?? – Free Download Tomorrow (11/9/2020)

Bestseller publication Announcing the release of Irene Michaels ?? New book, ??I On Beauty: Beautiful and luxurious living beyond 50. ?? It will be available for free download on November 9 on the Amazon Kindle StoreTh.

With a widely read website since 2008 as a dancer, actress, model, owner of a modeling agency, entrepreneur, producer, beauty and luxury lifestyle expert, and the founder of his signature brand, ?? Am I on ??, ?? Through this she has presented her highly esteemed anti-aging skin care brand Irene Michaels ’I on Youth collection ??. The setback brought her back from an accident that could have been the end of her life at a young age, and the boundless excitement of getting the best of every day keeps her much younger than her age. A lifelong equestrian, he is surrounded by the love of many of his animal friends, who add immeasurable joy to his life. Irene brings to her readers insights into a well-lived life with countless secrets and tips for keeping a youthful look and heart forever.

?? I On Beauty ?? Posted by Irene Michaels for free and download on Amazon for 5 days (11/9/2020 ?? 11/13/2020):

?? I On Beauty ?? It has a 5.0-star rating on What some say:

?? Having worked with entertainment companies in the field for a confusing age throughout my life, by the time I reached 50+, II was sure I had heard of every beauty. Is. But Irene Michaels ?? The fun-to-read-book covers a new range of simple, natural and safe techniques to take women’s overall sense of skin, hair and well-being to a new level and shine. Although it briefly covers a few small cosmetic procedures and products, the emphasis is on organic and inexpensive treatments that can be done at home (couldn’t we all benefit from a little self-love during COVID?). I met Irene, and her vibrant good looks, energy, and youthful vision were all evidence taken to convince me that she was the real deal. I also appreciate his deep respect for Mayonnaise’s magical powers! ?? ?? Barbara A. Roman

?? This is a very informative and interesting book. Here is a woman who enjoyed her most fulfilling and successful life, sharing her beauty tips and her struggles after a very debilitating accident. He has a beautiful life philosophy and has shared it in this insight book. It is clear that she is someone who wants to make a difference to others. I now look more loyal to my skin and consider exercising more! Worth to read. ?? ?? R.P.

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The best seller publication is Los Angeles Publishing Company, which is for business owners and entrepreneurs ?? Helps to become prey. With their best-selling books.

About the author:

Irene Michaels is a lifelong entertainer, entrepreneur and talented equestrian who has made it a priority to lead an active and healthy lifestyle. She discovered her interest in dance at the age of eleven and worked as a dancer, model, actress, owner and producer of a successful modeling agency. She is widely recognized as a beauty and luxury lifestyle expert. Since 2008, his popular website I on the Scene has been continuously sharing the entire scoop on entertainment, culture and fashion to readers worldwide. Published under her signature brand I on Youth by Irene Michaels ?? Roll-on serum meets the need for a comfortable, moderately priced and effective anti-aging skin care product. An avid animal lover, Irene earned her colors, a great honor in the equestrian community, helping her to ride on valuable hunts worldwide. Irene lives in her hometown of Chicago with her husband, Arnie Granad.

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