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iOS 14.6 drains the battery, threatening that the time capsules will fail

iOS 14.6 drains the battery, threatening that the time capsules will fail

With some iPhone users, it seems that the battery of the smartphone will drain significantly faster than before since the update to iOS 14.6. In addition, a Berlin data recovery company warns that there is a systematic design error in the dynamics of existing hard drives in Apple’s Time Capsule backup systems. There is a risk of complete data loss.

Battery issues with iPhones from iOS 14.6 onwards

There is a risk of data loss with time capsules provided by Apple – but first on a different topic: the current operating system for iPhones and iPods, iOS 14.6, According to Spiegel Online, it is causing complaints from some iPhone users. With affected owners of iPhones, the battery drains at a significant speed as the update for iOS 14.6 is active. Since updates are usually tested in advance, you may think that this may affect older models, especially on the most recent devices, which is a very serious concept. But this also applies to newer models – A user describes in redditAlthough it lasted two days before the update, he now has to charge his iPhone 12 at the end of each day. Although his smartphone was used for only an hour and worked for 20 minutes with the display switched off, the battery level dropped relatively steadily throughout the day. Many iPhone owners do not seem to like it, and it is not yet clear what the cause of the problem is, as no specific app has been found yet. For some victims, this may have contributed to the failure of the optimal battery charge.

Apple’s time capsules will fail completely

In addition to the battery issue, Apple has a more sophisticated issue, namely the time capsules, which were still available for sale until 2018. As announced by Golem, Includes Apple’s WiFi backup system with Seagate hard drives from the Grenada series, which seems to be a legitimate bug. Berlin Company 030 Datenrettung Berlin warns against this “design error”It – as the name implies – specializes in restoring data on data carriers such as hard drives or SSDs. The company noted that all time capsules sent for data recovery had the same defect, i.e. a broken parking curve for writing and reading weapons, which was a very unusual problem. To do this, you need to know that the data disks on a hard disk rotate at several thousand revolutions per minute, and that the weapons to read or write data circle on disks at very thin distances. Any contact of weapons or broken components with panels is absolutely dangerous. It is strongly recommended to store the data on another hard disk or cloud. In any case, this applies to all users of PCs and similar devices: three backups are always better than the main device and backup system. This is because the data carriers in the system fail and there is a problem with the backup system at the same time.

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