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Intense Sam collection is dropping next week on the Nintendo Switch

Intense Sam collection is dropping next week on the Nintendo Switch

Publisher DeVolver Digital has announced that it will be Crotium Serious Sam Collection Will be released on November 17th for the Nintendo Switch. The package was launched at Google Stadia last April and will take you on a journey of defeating foreigners from the ancient ruins of Egypt. The Gallery Covering Serious Sam HD: First meeting, Serious Sam HD: Second Meeting, And Serious Sam 3: BFE, Consisting of the latter two The Legend of the Beast And Nile jewelry Extensions respectively.

Serious Sam Collection Features 4-player local co-op and other multiplayer modes such as Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and Flag Capture. 4.1 GB game on Nintendo Switch Eshop. Costs 29.99. As usual, Nintendo Switch requires an online subscription to use certain online features, and it supports its data storage service.

There is no word on whether this package will come on other current generation or next generation consoles. However, the latest entry in the series, Serious Sam4, Not currently available on Google Stadia and PC. It is a one-time exclusive to Stadia and will launch on consoles in 2021.

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