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Instructions on how to download a single certificate

Instructions on how to download a single certificate

C.U. Instructions for obtaining a useful document for taxation directly online, with a focus on retirees.

With INPS 2021, Everyone who receives income from the company, For a variety of reasons, they could be downloaded in 2020 Single certificate directly online From March 16, The deadline for delivery to the recipient and sending the data to the revenue company.

Although Extension Al March 31, the MEF announced But not yet formalized, the company operated in ordinary terms.

A social security organization such as INIL, INPS Suspending agent And comply with the obligation to provide the document to the recipient.

You no longer have to go to the counters to get the CU model, but it is possible Download the document Directly online. Do you like Application, portal and PEC requests Some possible alternatives.

Official instructions To get useful documentation for their tax revenue from INPS Circular No. 44 of 15 March 2021.

INPS – Circular No. 44 of 15 March 2021
2021 Methods for issuing single certificate and related INPS obligations

CU INPS 2021: Instructions on how to download a single certificate

The CU INPS 2021 model It is concerned All citizens Recipients of employment and similar, pension income, income from self-employment, income from commissions and other types of income from company income.

The portal is as follows:

“In the presence of two or more services provided by INPS, a single model is drawn up, which certifies all the above mentioned incomes paid in the previous year”..

The Official instructions The specifications for the current year came with, as usual A specific circle.

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Generally, on the INPS portal Online service Per View, print and download a single certificate, Would be useful for tax returns Tax period 2020.

You can sign in with different types of credentials:

  • Electronic identity card;
  • SPID, digital identification;
  • Tax code and INPS PIN;
  • National Service Card.

After retirees One more road To get the sample of CU INPS 2021: Pension Ticket Service.

CU INPS 2021: Instructions for obtaining a single certificate directly online

To use Online service Download INPS 2021 Single Certificate He is alone One of the possible ways.

Retirees and citizens Those who receive INPS income by 2020 can apply Single Certificate 2021 In the following ways without going to the offices in person:

  • By Online service is available on the INPS portal;
  • By Telephone communication:
    • Contact us at 803 164 (free from landline) or 06 164 164 from the mobile network with a request for home delivery;
    • Toll free number 800 434 320, From standard and mobile networks, service with automatic responders, to request a single certificate, they will be sent to the residence;
  • By Certified Email (PEC) With a request to be sent to the address [email protected] Complete with a copy of the applicant’s identity document;
  • With ‘INPS mobile application Available for Android and Apple iOS devices, from your smartphone or tablet, by signing in with your PIN or SPID.

CU INPS 2021 for Retirees: Instructions for Obtaining a Single Certificate Directly Online

Specific symptoms, anxiety Retirees Who should download Single Certificate 2021.

In addition Appointment online service dedicated to CU, You can view, download and print the document using Pension slip tool.

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Per Citizens over 75 years of age And accompanying, special or communications payment holders, INPS Mobile door It provides for sending a specific communication with the telephone numbers of the operator of a regionally competent office to request that a single certificate be sent to one’s home.

I Overseas pensionersIn addition, they can request CU INPS 2021 using the appropriate ones phone number (+39) 06 164164 (enabled for calls from the mobile network), thanks to which Monday to Friday 8 to 20 (Italian time) and Saturdays 8 to 14 (Italian time)).

In general, the Unique certificate It can be requested by someone other than the interested party:

  • Give one Designated person, In this case, in addition to the proxy authorizing the INPS to issue the CU, copies of the identification documents of the interested party and the representative are also required;
  • Give one Heir, Who should submit the replacement notice of the reputed deed and a copy of his identity document.