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Insider Preview Build 22000.160: Windows 11 erstmals offiziell als ISO zum Download

Insider Preview Built-in 22000.160: Officially available for first time download as Windows 11 ISO

Microsoft not only released the new Insider Preview Built 22000.160 but also released the first official system image called ISO of its Windows 11 operating system to be released later this year. However, the preview itself falls into the category of “small product maintenance” and brings something new.

For the first time as a computer image

In addition to the Windows 11 Insider Preview 22000.160, it is classified as beta as it builds 22000.132, and is thus offered to Windows insiders on the Dev channel and beta channel, Microsoft now officially has the system image of the Windows 11 Insider program downloaded for the first time. However, this is not the latest phase 22000.160, but the previous phase is 22000.132 and should be updated accordingly later.

Some innovations

Beta has not changed much since the first two developer versions, officially classified as Built 22000.100 and 22000.132. Microsoft has only made changes to the “Alarm & Clock” processor and the behavior of the operating system during updates or restarts.

Changes and improvements
  • A new watch application for Windows 11 with focus sessions has started appearing for Windows insiders on the Dev channel. See this blog post for all the details!
  • We are testing estimates of how long the restart for updates will take, such as the Power menu under Start, Restart Notifications, the Windows Update Settings page and the Windows Update icon displayed in the lower right. Of the taskbar. We are making a small change for this feature so that it will only be displayed on PCs with SSDs. If your computer has a standard HDD, you will no longer see ratings. We hope to bring the ratings back to PCs via HDD as soon as we fix some more bugs.
  • Taskbar:
    • Fixed an issue where the “Location in Application” icon sometimes appears in the taskbar even if the application is blocked by your preferences.

There is still a lot to do

As the official release notes reveal, the list of bugs that have not yet been fixed is relatively extensive, which is not uncommon for an internal preview. The only problem with an invalid icon in the taskbar can be solved with the current Insider Preview built-in 22000.160. Additionally, users can now “name” their computer during installation.

Computers may now be named during installation (Image: Microsoft)

Microsoft has more information about its Windows 11 Insider Preview Built 22000.160 release Windows Blog In short. Provides a comprehensive overview of all released frameworks and developer tools for the upcoming Windows 11 Microsoft Airport Center.