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Among Us! how to download and play for free on PC (Windows) and Mac

In us! How To Download And Play For Free On PC (Windows) And Mac

Whether you’ve already played between us !, we know for sure that you’ve heard of it. Simple InnerSlot Currently the title is on everyone’s lips and is available for free for iOS and Android mobile devices, but for PC it costs 00 5.00 via Steam (and thanks to the developers there are options to add tips to it). However, there is also a legal way to play both PC and Mac for free, and below we will explain step by step how to do this and provide the necessary links to make it easier.

How to download and play between us! Free on PC and Mac

1. Download and install Bluestocks Android Emulator On PC or Mac

Is excited | Downloading the Bluestocks Android Emulator

2: After setup, Register your Google Play Store account

3: From the Home tab, go to the Google Play Store and Search among us!

4: Install In us!

5: After the download is complete, Play, flirt, flirt

PC controls:

  • Arrows or WASD – moving
  • Use e or space
  • Q – Kill
  • R – Report Body
  • Mouse – minigame and menu interaction
  • Alt + Enter – Toggle fullscreen

Among the options, you can choose to use only the mouse that reflects the mobile controls.

It should be noted that this emulator is also used for other titles, but we recommend that they always be official applications provided by the development company to avoid related issues. On the other hand, There are other emulators like this, Is called GameLoop, Which allows you to enjoy titles like Call of Duty Mobile for free on PC (Windows 10).

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Keep in mind that 2 Among Us has already been officially announced by its developers. They are currently working on this sequel, which will greatly improve many of the parameters and general performance of the current application. The reason for creating a new game instead of updating the current game is, “It involves a large number of changes and the game is very smooth,” So they like to add everything they have learned from the feedback the players have received to the new title.

“We fully agree with the use of Bluestock”

Looking at the confusion created by this news, our colleagues Meristation Contact developers among us! It’s available for just $ 5 if you want to ask if using a legal emulator like Bluestock is appropriate, or if you do not want to play their game for free while on steam. Lead programmer Forrest Williard assured us they did We totally agree to use Bluestock for fun among us! Free on PC “ “We continue to be supported by advertising and in-app purchases, so this is good.”

Then the great news!

Given the green light to use Bluestock to get all the fun and pleasure waiting for you among us! And all for free!