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Philip Cheetah's "Dealership Process Secrets" is an Amazon bestseller and Amazon hot new release

Philip Cheetah’s “Dealership Process Secrets” is an Amazon bestseller and Amazon hot new release

In “Dealership Process Secrets,” He will tell you how he did it. Using these secrets, some dealerships are surpassing the expectations of their manufacturers, surpassing their competitors, retaining and attracting the best talent, increasing the grossness in all areas of their sales segments and becoming the gold standard in their market.

“Dealership Process Secrets” Only the real car guy who worked in the front and front rows of 21 has a lot of real-life and entertaining stories about the challengesSt Century dealerships, so to speak. “Dealership Process Secrets” Describes the current dealership environment and its shortcomings on how to become an outstanding dealership.

“Restoring industry change” or “clearly pointing out” “Dealership Process Secrets” Explains how to quickly create a long-term positive culture. Philip Dealership shares the finest points of sales processes and the most basic sales knowledge filled with science. Whatever your struggles, from a lack of internal organization, to repeated attempts at new processes that fail, Philip helps your dealership exceed your own expectations.

“Dealership Process Secrets” By Philip J. Cheetah Available for free download for 5 days on Amazon (10/05/2020 – 10/09/2020) at:

“Dealership Process Secrets” Amazon Bestseller and has a 5-star rating. Here is what some are saying:

“This book is a golden ticket to dealership success. Having been in the car business for over 12+ years I can say that this book is a real deal. Being an Internet director at Lexus and Subaru, I’m named a few, some of the highest volume stores in the country! When it comes to tactics, Bush is not around! After reading his book, I’m confident that I can take any dealership to the next level, and be successful wherever I go! This book is a must read if you’ve ever been in sales, and want to succeed in life. ”
Sam Sabeti.

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“The author says this information of the greats is in a packaged playbook. This book has begun to turn all of my business goals into reality. Great for beginners or industry veterans, everyone can take some distance from this book.”
Brian Steel

About the author:
After making revolutionary changes to the digital desk-log and implementing some of the best-functioning dealerships in the country: Philip Cheetah Comes back with a step-by-step playbook that will take you on a journey to change your dealership and speed your way to the best performing store. Regardless of your product, your dealership size or how well you are performing, this book provides processes that will help you achieve your sales goals faster than you ever thought possible. Cheetah has become Nation’s leading dealership strategist who has helped dealers across the country. In this book, he takes you on his journey to reveal how to maximize your dealership.

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