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Isolation for teachers and students, new rules are coming: the differences between vaccinated and non-vaccinated.  Download the DRAFT ISS document [PDF]

Isolation for teachers and students, new rules are coming: the differences between vaccinated and non-vaccinated. Download the DRAFT ISS document [PDF]

The document for managing school isolation was drawn up with the participation of the Istituto Superiore di Sanità and the Ministries of Education and Health and the regions. The text is in the final posts and will be announced in the next few hours. We bring you the draft.

If a teacher is positive, Monitoring is triggered “with testing” and you return to school with a negative result. For those who have been vaccinated / contraindicated in the past 6 months in the presence of another victim, monitoring is planned “with testing”, Triggering isolation for others. Vaccination means those who have completed the cycle for at least 14 days. The six positives are two in addition to the teacher, there will be isolation for the whole class.

Similar rules apply if you affect a student in elementary and high school. School continues face to face and tests are taken. If the second student is positive, those who have not been vaccinated go on to isolation (hence to Dad), while those who have been vaccinated will be on arrival. If there are three positive ones in a class, isolation is induced for everyone: 10 days for non-vaccinated and 7 days for vaccinated.

For nurseries and childhood (0-6 years): Positive 10-day isolation case for the entire “class-bubble”. Only a physician can define long-term isolation.

With the new rules, in other words, isolation is not immediately triggered: if all of the positive student’s peers are negative to the test, Face-to-face teaching will not stop. The boys will be monitored five days after the first sweep. If there is a new positive case, Dad will stimulate but only for those who have not been vaccinated.

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What is currently expected

To date, the rule in practice is as follows: In the presence of a positive student, The whole class ends in isolation. Isolation lasts 7 days for the vaccine for children under 10 years of age (at least 12 and over). That was before I went back to school It is necessary to make a tampon, Which should be negative. But local health officials actually decide how to behave each time, so the rules are not the same for everyone: this is why Balanced action plan.

Privacy Alarm

CISL Schools National Secretary Al-Ansa, Matalena Kissi, warns about the privacy aspect: “The text we read about the new management of isolation in schools, if confirmed, Introduces elements of privacy infringement by the manager or regulatory staff in the organization because this requires a survey: You cannot infringe on privacy in relation to the vaccine“.

“Possibility – Kissy adds Are local health officials unable to diagnose situations in schools without involving safety officers or the school manager in their capacity?

“This method is not correct – the Marcello Pacifico opposition, which leads the Anif union – all students are the same, can not be divided into groups with or without vaccination photo. We are ready to set up barriers and go to court.

To Pino Touri, who leads the Yule School, “The time has come for schools or groups of schools, with a vaccine campaign, to have a health center that allows them to continue their educational activities in the presence. The real goal to be achieved.”