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In some cases 110 and 112 could not be reached - the error was corrected again

In some cases 110 and 112 could not be reached – the error was corrected again

Berlin. In several federal states, emergency numbers 110 and 112 for police and fire forces were canceled Thursday morning. Early warnings came from Berlin, Brandenburg, Baden-Wூrttemberg, Hamburg, Lower Saxony, Charland and Saxony-Anhold. The reason is unknown at first.

Now all the clarifications are given: “The problem with emergency numbers in some parts of Germany has been solved. According to Telecom, it was between 4:30 am and 5:40 pm. The analysis of the causes is still ongoing, ”the Federal Office for Civil Defense and Disaster Relief said on Twitter.

In Berlin, 110 and 112 can be reached again, police and fire forces announced on Twitter. Before clarifying everything, the police in Berlin announced that citizens in need should contact the local police department or call the citizens hotline on 030 46644664. In Berlin, firefighters warned residents to close windows and doors and turn off ventilation and air conditioning systems. A text volume common in the Big Fire, which is misunderstood and is said to have caused confusion for some recipients in the capital.

No crashes have been reported in the NRW since 7 p.m. A spokesman for the state control center of the police said that at the request, the relevant news from the telecom is still being verified. Therefore, all the forces of the night duty of the police officers are presently engaged in continuous duty. “We still have everything we have on the streets.” Citizens were asked to report the disturbance directly to the local police.

Meanwhile, everything was clear from Baden-W்டrttemberg, where emergency numbers 110 and 112 were mostly found again in the morning. A result of the disturbances in both numbers was also reported from Lower Saxony. 112 can be reached again in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. This was reported by the Rescue Control Center at 6 p.m. Early in the morning, the lines failed in the northwestern cities of McLenberg, Ludwigslast-Parchim and Swerin. In the plan districts of Kiel, Rentsberg-Ekernford and Schleswig-Holstein, the emergency numbers 110 and 112 can be contacted again by telephone.

The Nora app cannot be downloaded

The Hamburg Fire Brigade also reported the victim on Twitter. They mentioned the emergency call application “Nora”, which continues to function. Otherwise, the Nora processor will mainly help people with speech and hearing impairments to make emergency calls. However, this unknown application could not be downloaded in the morning. The website says there is a lot of interest in this processor. “To deal with the high demand, it has become necessary to work on the infrastructure for the emergency call system. Therefore, the application is not currently available in the App Stores, but only from our support.

The cause of the crash is not yet clear

A spokesman for the Interior Ministry in Baden-Wூrttemberg announced early in the morning that the cause of the disturbance was not yet clear.

Meanwhile, the Katwarn processor went on strike early Thursday morning, with several users reporting an emergency number failure.