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Was the MacBook Pro M1X invented in Russia?

Was the MacBook Pro M1X invented in Russia?

Famous Eurasian Economic Commission Apple will not stop publishing records until several weeks before release! This time, there are two models of Max that have gained their accreditation for sale in Russia: they are counted as A2442 and A2485 and run under MacOS 12 Montreux. There are many more sample numbers in Apple’s repository, but these are already known area numbers that have simply been updated to reflect New version of Makos, Is scheduled to release this fall. Models A2442 and A2485, on the other hand, are not compatible with any existing Mac.

It’s hard not to think about the long-awaited redesign of the high-end MacBook Pros. Apple actually needs to update two models that include the Intel processor: the 13.3 “MacBook Pro has four ports and the 16” MacBook Pro. According to Rumors we have For now, marketing is scheduled for this fall and we will have to wait a while for other models.

MacBook Pro M1X Comment

MacBook Pro 14 “comment Ian delivers

If these documents say nothing about the technical characteristics of the machines in question, this is a very encouraging sign for those waiting for their commercialization. The high-end MacBook Pro really needs to be subjected to A great alignment : Apple M1X chip acceptance (with more cores than Apple M1 chip), change to smaller model to 13.3 “14”, HDMI port and SD card reader …

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