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In Paris, buckrenel galleries are preparing to pay in cryptocurrencies

In Paris, buckrenel galleries are preparing to pay in cryptocurrencies

From this week onwards, the Fuchrenell galleries of the Fifteenth Aaronism of Paris are officially accepted. Payment in cryptocurrency. This is a great Parisian shopping center Is a pioneer in the field. To recover their crypto-assets, customers need to use the LYZI app.

Puigrenelle: The first French shopping center to adopt crypto-assets

That is, retail is accelerating the use of cryptocurrencies. Beginning June 8, Beaugrenelle Galleries will introduce the challenge of engaging its customers. All the shops and restaurants in the Parisian shopping center offer A QR code hunt. There are 500 euros to win. With 120 stores of Beaugrenelle galleries, the initiative hopes to revive the center, which has been established in the Fifteenth Circuit since 2013, and its attendance is far below the taste of some.

In the same way

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To recover their crypto-assets, customers need to download the French application LYZI, which runs on the DeSos blockchain. The platform accepts about twenty cryptocurrencies, including the most common: Bitcoin, ether, ripple, litcoin. After visiting the shopping center, customers can turn them into gift cards to eat at Buigrenell galleries. This is the first such project in France.

New shopping experience for Paris customers

Buchenelle Paris director Stephen Priosney is very proud to be one of the pioneer shopping centers for cryptocurrencies. He explains in Beaugrenelle, “Our ambition has always been to provide new experiences and democratize new applications to our customers. Acceptance of crypto-currencies to purchase our gift card is still a testament to this today, and we are happy to offer it first..

Parisians are invited to take part in this famous QR Code hunt from June 8th to July 8th. Here are the rules of the game: After downloading the LYZI app, they must find and scan the 3 QR codes hidden in the 3 levels of the magnetic building and solve the puzzles offered to beat the crypto-assets. Individuals who collect 3 codes will be automatically selected for a major draw on July 8, at the end of the process. The big winner Win 500 euros on crypto-assets.

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