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If the new characters have a sword it's not Sakura's fault -

If the new characters have a sword it’s not Sakura’s fault –

Director Super Smash Brothers Ultimate – Masahiro Sakurai – recently gave an interview in which he talked about the fight game for Nintendo Switch and explained that it was not his fault Many characters in the game use a sword. It’s not one thing, he explains, it’s something to decide.

The interview was posted on the YouTube channel Washa Live, and later translated into English by Nintendo. Sakurai I do not have to decide whether you like it or not If another character with the sword becomes part of the game. This sentence answered the question of the interviewer, who cited the introduction of Byrne and Mitra from the Genoplate Chronicles 2.

Then the presenter Sakurai said that he was right, but the truth is that many people are “complaining”. Then Sakurai replied: “Even if the next one is another character with a sword, There will be no problem until we balance it out properly. “Obviously Super Smash Brothers director Ultimate is absolutely perfect.

Then he said it Sword characters are easy to create Rather than implementing, for example, Steve from Minecraft. Then he joked (or at least we believe) that if he said something else, “Nintendo would have allowed them to hear it.”

The moral of the story Public complaints about the choice of characters do not have much impact, and Sakurai cannot influence it in any way. Also, the choice of characters will not only affect Super Smash Brothers Ultimate, but also the respective look-alike games: Genoplate 2 sold out after Byra and Mitra were introduced for the fighting game.

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Super Smash Brothers Ultimate: Swords, swords everywhere