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Download books for free - Ville de Paris

Download books for free – Ville de Paris

Fortunately, there are many online resources for reading enthusiasts if you have a computer, tablet, phone or digital e-reader.

Gutenberg Project Provides less than 54,000 electronic books with free access. You can choose between ePub, Kindle, download or online reading formats. With all the works without rights, you can find all the best classics of world literature here. Project Gutenberg went digital and fully tested them with the help of thousands of volunteers.

On TV5 is Monte’s digital library, The best classics of French speaking literature can be downloaded for free, suitable for college and high school program. View it on the screen or read it on your tablet or e-reader. A search engine allows you to search for these great books by book title, author, and category …

Thousands of books are downloaded for free in ebay format Calica, BnF’s digital library. This format is especially suitable for reading on mobile devices (smartphones, e-readers, tablets). Everyone has something. Note also: The Ministry of Education has selected 150 EPUB Calicut for Literary Teachers and their students. All of these digital books related to school projects are free to download at Calica.

On the site Feebooksgratuits Continues to offer many non-copyrighted books online.

For those who love reading, choose the free e-books from the French language FnacAvailable in epub or pdf formats. You can find novels, fantasy, thriller, classic and exclusive. There are also great writers like Marcus Malde, JK Rowling, Harlon Cobain or Homer and Dostoevsky. Downloads are immediate, so insert your Kobo e-readers and access hundreds of digital books without fuss. To better understand what an electronic book is, our Fnac experts on books tell you about it on their blog.

Cultural identity It also offers free digital books for download on its site in a variety of genres (detective, romantic, classic, etc.).
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Storyviewer A site that offers thousands of stories for children to read online or download in multiple languages. All of these books are available under the Public Creative Free License. On the computer or tablet, Storyviewer offers many illustrated books for children. An endless collection of open source stories for children.

Version 999 site Provides a selection of free books for children ages 3 to 7.

Literature for 0-12 year olds. Free Youth Literature Website Provides you with over 1000 books raised in the public domain or provided under a free license. So you have the right to read, copy, redistribute and change them freely.

Major American museums have developed the habit of providing free access to their publications and exhibition lists. A Motley collection, but very rich. Some of these free searchable books are still for sale in online bookstores. Here are three collections that bring together lists of nearly a thousand books on modern art and major exhibitions. They are all free. They are available online or downloaded in different formats.

Guggenheim Contains digitalized lists and editorials for the past five years. You can view them on the site or download them in PDF or ePub format. It’s hard to get here. I let you find out. Among many, a wonderful “expressionism – from Van Gogh to Picasso, from Kantinsky to Pollack”.

This great cultural organization offers a wealth of the same content to aspiring internet users around the world. Browse lists and publications related to major exhibitions presented le Getty Museum. For example an awesome “Chess in the Studio: Still Life in Watercolors, 2004”.

Dish Undoubtedly offers one of the richest collections of these three American companies. Rich by the number of volumes but also by the quality of the files available for reading and downloading. Do not miss the luxuries like “The Art of Light: The Limburg Brothers and Jean de France, Doug de Berry’s Belles Hurres”.
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A nod to the fantastic publication Anamosa, Publishes a few articles that think out of the box each year, as the old adage says: “Non-fiction” books are always integrated subjects, intellectual and subjective texts, as they are accessible, and as neat as the material where the form is.