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"I do not believe in success, Biden is illegal" -

“I do not believe in success, Biden is illegal” –

Today Congress acknowledges the victory of Joe Biden by acknowledging the votes of the Union States: it is Judgment Day for Donald Trump, but his Vice President Mike Pence, after four years of faithful service with the President, will formalize his defeat in the November 3 election.

As chairman of the Senate, handing over the constitution to the vice president is a purely notarial task – he should only consider the will expressed by the states – but Trump has turned it into an important political moment by arguing at his last rally in Georgia on Monday evening. , Then in his tweets, Pence will have “the power to refuse to recognize fraudulent constituencies”. But all the courts that returned to Trump’s election campaign rejected the thesis of “stolen elections,” with no trace of theft.

Yesterday, a Tense interview During a traditional lunch the president eats with his aide every Tuesday, Beden warned that under the law, he does not have the authority to block Congress’ certification for Biden’s election. “This will have serious political consequences for you,” Trump warned him sternly. The implication is clear: Benz wants to run for the White House in 2024, and the best card for him to win is the loyalty he has shown over the past 4 years to former Indiana Governor Trump on his side. Pence learned to fill all of his speeches with consistent references to Trump’s wisdom by tentatively presenting his conclusions each time.

A work to be destroyed today: He will please Trump if the vice president denies Biden victory, but he will abandon his entire political history, violate the constitution and turn against the historic leaders of his party. Respecting the constitution will anger the president and make him a traitor in the eyes of a large number of fans of the president, who, despite being a former, will continue to have great influence in the conservative world. At one point the hypothesis that Benz was confiscated was also spread, which did not accuse the Senate of a disease. But it will be a small and firm departure: he will be replaced by senior senator Chuck Crosley, who has already said he is ready to replace him, making it clear to him that Biden is the new, legitimate president. B.ence did everything it could to block the White House and the outraged president after the November 3 referendum, Today he will drink the bitter cup. He will try to sweeten the pill by raising some doubts about himself, citing the president’s allegations of a “stolen ballot,” but he will accept Biden’s appointment.

However, Trump did not resign He spoke to his supporters, who had gathered not far from the White House for the “Save America” ​​demonstration: “We will never give up, we will never give up.” We will never deliver “success”.: Donald Trump makes his debut in front of thousands of fans gathered in a park south of the White House for the “Save America” ​​protest against fraud. We will stop stealing votes, ”he said, using the phrase“ stop stealing ”. Trump has redefined Pita “Illegal President” “Votes have been stolen from us in Georgia,” he always said, adding, “We can’t allow that.” But the Republican leader in the Senate, Mitch McConnell He downloads it: «Elections are not stolen. There is no fraud“In Washington, the situation is tense: Trump supporters clashed with police after trying to enter some congressional premises. Capitol Hill was locked, and officials sought tear gas.

January 6, 2021 (Change January 6, 2021 | 20:23)

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