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How was Johnny Silverhand before Keanu Reeves?

How was Johnny Silverhand before Keanu Reeves?

Once the information is released on Cyberbank 2077, it is not associated with an error, problem or bad news, you can take advantage of it! Before Keanu Reeves was expected in the cast, an artist working on the development of the game has revealed his works in the role of Johnny Silverhound. We wonder which of the two would have been the most beautiful in PS4 fat.

Cyberpunk 2077: Very Rock Original Concept Art!

It’s up to the concept artist Leah Leonovich We are committed to the task of modeling character Johnny Silverhand, The main character of the plot of the game Cyberpunk 2077. Because first, The sports development team did not expect Keanu Reeves. The artist published his works Artstation site And how much to say that change has occurred! Lots of changes too! We can easily imagine the enormous work that needs to be done to take it all in and remake a completely different character than before.

Car Early Johnny Silverhound Cyberpunk 2077 There was … different. More rock. Personally, it makes me think a lot Slash, a mix between Guns Rose singer Philip Maneuver and Ian Malcolm of Jurassic Park… Among the big changes, the face – obviously – is different, but the tattoos and the morphology in general.

Cyberpunk 2077 is still misleading

Such changes A character who appears frequently Must be in the game A real problem for developers. This is because making too many improvements is a waste of time for the development team A recent interview revealed that in six to seven consecutive working days they sometimes worked more than 10 hours a day. Director recently CD Project Red Adam Podovsky Spoke to protect Cyberpunk 2077.

What people don’t know is that games aren’t made in a linear style and look like the final product just a few months before they start. If we look at the demo now, yes it is different, but that is the ‘active’ watermark. As for older consoles, yes, that is another case. But we realized it, we work very hard to fix the bugs (even on the computer – we know this is not the right version) and we are proud that Cyberbunk 2077 is a game and art vision. All of this I do not call a disaster.

If you ever want to get the title, know that it is Already available for less than 30 euros, And several major updates are scheduled for February and March.

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