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Monster Hunter Rice: Already sold 6 million units

Monster Hunter Rice: Already sold 6 million units

Released a month ago, the game sees incredible release numbers that Capcom has decided to celebrate.

Credit: Capcom

Since its release on March 26, Monster Hunter Rice has been a huge success, selling the game more than ever. 6 million copies In this world. This figure includes the physical and digital sales of the game. If this is not really surprising for a topic in Saga Monster hunter, Which has always been appreciated by the public, remains sales figures even a month after it was launched. In fact, the game was eagerly awaited before it was released, especially since an employer in Japan announced a public holiday on March 26th, thinking his staff would not be able to focus on the day of the release. Monster Hunter Rice.

A reward in addition to the 2.0 update

Celebrating 6 Million, Capcom thanked millions of players for delivering a package containing 30 mega-potion, 20 well-cooked steaks, 10 barrels of shells, 5 mega dementox and 5 mega Armorskins. All you have to do is sign in to the Nintendo e-store to claim your reward. With such a success, we can only imagine that the saga will not end, especially soon with the title Monster Hunter Stories 2.

In addition, today marks the arrival of the first major update version 2.0 of the game. Capcom explained what’s new in this update at yesterday’s Monster Hunter Digital event, and we’re briefed you on the announcements. Among other things, it brings with it new monsters Samilios, Theostra and Kushala Davora, as well as new weapons and new event quests. Note that it is necessary to download the latest version of the game in order to download the celebration package.

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Enjoy Monster Hunter Rice for Monster 44.99