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How To Use Your Amoeba With Nintendo Switch – BestCaming Pro

Mario Amoeba HeroSource: iMore

Amoeba, adorable little statues that take up that space on your bookshelf? Well, not just for looks. In Nintendo Switch games they serve a very useful purpose. Some of the best games on the Nintendo Switch use the Amoeba. They create items, sometimes exclusive items, within a game you play. Want to embellish your skirmish character like Link? This is possible with the right amoeba! Here’s how to use your amoeba with Nintendo Switch.

How the Amoeba works with the Nintendo Switch

Amoeba on the Nintendo Switch

Source: iMore

The amoeba holds this tiny chip at their base. The chip identifier stores the data, which image is changed, what rewards are to be made in any games, whether it has already been used in a particular game.

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Chip Near Field Communication (NFC) in Amoeba uses this information to send this information to a small NFC reader in the right joy-con controller (or Pro controller) of your switch. When you place the amoeba on the joystick in the correct joy-con, it will send the data to your switch.

How to set up Amoeba on Nintendo Switch

What happens next depends on which game you play. In some games, you can get special powers. In others, exclusive clothing or sport coin.

How to trigger game rewards in different games

With these fantastic, exclusive sports items you can get, you may be wondering how to get them. Unfortunately, tapping your amoeba into your joy-con is not always as easy, and suddenly something appears on the screen.

Nintendo wants to immerse itself in the game you are playing, which means that triggering the action of an amoeba must match the design of the game. In some games, you have to go two steps before your loot bag appears in front of you. Keep in mind that this is a small model of games compatible with Amoeba. Remember to look at the details of the game to see if the amoeba is compatible.

How to use Amoeba with Super Smash Brothers Ultimate

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is compatible with every amoebo figure out there. Here’s how to have fun!

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Super Smash Brothers with Amoeba

Source: Christine Romero-Chan / Imore

  1. From the main menu, go to Sports and so on.

  2. From games and more, select amiibo.

  3. Tap your amoeba image Right stick.

Depending on the amoeba, one of two things will happen. You will unlock a game-fighter similar to the figure or you will receive an amoeba spirit which will be a great boon as you work your way up in adventure mode.

How to use Amoeba with The Legend of Zelda: Wild Breath

Amoeba on the Nintendo Switch

Source: iMore

Before you can use your amoeba on BotW, you must enable capacity. It is disabled by default on your computer settings.

  1. Press Plus (+) button In the right joy-con controller.
  2. Press R or L shoulder button You have to scroll sideways until you get to the computer settings.
  3. Select Options From the System Settings menu.
  4. Select amiibo.
  5. Select Use the amoeba.

Once you have enabled the ability to use Amoeba, you can trigger rewards at any time.

  1. Press and hold Top button Joy-con de-bat on the left (the one that brings the run).
  2. Scroll to the right of the Joy-Con joystick to select Amoeba Rune.
  3. Press L Shoulder button To stimulate the amoeba.
  4. Place your compatible amoeba Joystick of right Joy-con To scan the NFC chip.

The prey will fall to the ground in front of you, so make sure you are not on a hill or on the edge of a river.

How to use Amoeba with Super Mario Odyssey

Super Mario Odyssey

Source: Nintendo

You must complete the first two kingdoms in Super Mario Odyssey before you can start using Amoeba. In the Sand Kingdom, after you win the Brutals, return to your ship. A new object will be nearby. It orbits a toad like a small satellite. That little satellite uncle amoeba and once you talk to him, you can trigger your amoeba anywhere in the kingdom at any time.

  1. Press Right arrow Joy-Khan in the T-Battle on the left.
  2. Place your compatible amoeba Joystick of right Joy-con To scan the NFC chip.

The booty will pop up from Mario’s head and automatically add to your inventory.

Note: It is a good idea to check out Uncle Amoeba whenever you see him. He offers some bonus aids by finding moons you may not have already discovered. Nice bonus.

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How to use Amoeba with Kirby Star allies

Amoeba on the Nintendo Switch

Source: iMore

  1. Start your game Story format.
  2. When on a level, press Plus button In the right joy-con controller.
  3. Select amiibo.
  4. Select Yes When asked to confirm that you would like to use an amoeba to obtain healing materials and image fragments.

Amoeba can only be activated when you are at a point. So, make sure you can play at full level or you will miss your puzzle pieces and healing items.

How to use Amoeba with Splatoon 2

Amoeba on the Nintendo Switch

Source: iMore

You can find the amoeba trigger in your amoeba box at the back of Incopolis Square to unlock new characters (like Collie and Mary) or get some cool gear in Splatoon 2.

  1. Scan In front of the amoeba box
  2. Press A button Start the process.
  3. Place your compatible amoeba Joystick of right Joy-con To scan the NFC chip.
  4. Select Do it for me!
  5. Scan amiibo One more time to befriend the amoeba in your game.

With the amoeba in Splatoon 2, you can make friends with these characters, which can give them special gear, which makes it harder for you to scatter.

How To Use Amoeba With Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Super Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Source: Nintendo

With the Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, you can unlock some sweet new outfits that match the inspiring amoeba.

  1. Go to the game Menu screen (The screen that appears between games when you leave a race).
  2. Scroll down and select amiibo.
  3. Place your compatible amoeba Joystick of right Joy-con To scan the NFC chip.

When the compatible amoeba is scanned, new cases appear. To wear one, choose yours Thousands of incarnations When selecting a driver. Then, select the outfit you want to wear.

How to use Amoeba with Skyrim

Amoeba on the Nintendo Switch

Source: iMore

In Skyrim, your amoeba will drop a booty nest, which will provide some useful armor, gear and names. Some amoebas, especially those from The Legend of Zelda series, will reward exclusive items that are hard to find in the game.

  1. Press B button In the right joy-con controller.
  2. Select Magic From your menu.
  3. Select Powers
  4. Select amiibo.
  5. Press ZL or ZR trigger button To Equip amiibo as a force.
  6. Exit Magic menu.
  7. Press Trigger button You have mapped the amoeba.
  8. Place your compatible amoeba Joystick of right Joy-con To scan the NFC chip.
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A booty chest will fall in front of you, so make sure you are not on a hillside or near deep water.

How to use Amoeba with Bayonetta 2

Amoeba on the Nintendo Switch

Source: iMore

You can unlock some standard game-booty and some serious wacky outfits by triggering the amoeba on the Bayonet 2. A lot Amoeba compatible with this game.

  1. Go to you Menu screen
  2. Select amiibo.
  3. Place your compatible amoeba on the joystick of the right Joy-con to scan the NFC chip.

You can use different amoeba 32 times a day. Everyone unlocks game loot in Rodin’s treasures, and special costumes (I mean special!)

Plenty to list

Many games that use the amoeba function are very different. Games like Hirol Warriors: Age of Calamity, The Legend of Zelda: Links Awareness, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe all use Amoeba in very different ways. See game details on the back of the game case or on the esophagus to confirm amoeba function.

Which amoeba to buy?

Amoeba on the Nintendo Switch

Source: Nintendo

So, now that you know how cool Amoebos are, and how they can reward you with some pretty sweet game Swag, you wonder where to start? dont fear. Find the games you like and get started.

To the real amoeba collector

Amoeba Collection

Source: Nintendo

If you’ve been a collector of amoeba for a while, you already have statues of some collectors. If you are looking for some good devices for your amoeba, do not look any further.

Any questions?

What is your favorite amoeba? Do you consider yourself an amoeba collector? What rare amoeba do you have? Let us know what’s in the comments.

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