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How to turn Google Assistant into a multilingual translator

How to turn Google Assistant into a multilingual translator

Google Assistant is rich in resources. Google’s voice assistant, which can be used in many ways to facilitate certain tasks in everyday life, can be used in many of the languages ​​he speaks fluently.

But he is more capable. Google Assistant can become a real multilingual translator, following the conversation conducted in two different languages ​​by translating what each participant is saying on the fly. This allows for easy conversation with someone who speaks another language, and vice versa, without knowing how to speak it.

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1. Ask Google Assistant to be your assistant

Start by saying the popular “OK Google” or launching the app manually on your smartphone by launching Google Voice Assistant. Then ask him to “become my translator” or “start translator process”.

2. Choose languages

Once the assistant understands the task you have given them, they should ask you in which languages ​​they should act. First language, the language you speak will be detected automatically.

For the second language of the conversation, you can say it out loud in “English”, for example, or manually select a language from the appropriate menu.

3. Start your discussion

The rest will not be simple because it will be enough to start a conversation between you and the person you are talking to.

With each sentence spoken, the Google Assistant will immediately translate, display it on the screen, and speak aloud so that you and the other person can follow the conversation naturally.

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