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Unrest on PC and Xbox Series X.

Unrest on PC and Xbox Series X.

In many video game products Exclusive to the Xbox consoles coming in 2021, We see Stalker 2, Produced with chaotic atmospheres, a continuation of the first STALKER

Created by the team GSC Sports World, The title is a combination of first person shooter, horror and high speed sim ready to go to the borders with brave players “Zone”. This revelation identifies the area around the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, which is full of mutants, dangerous radiation and confusing organisms. Finally STALKER 2 Trailer Released this summer, the community now has the opportunity to get a new look at FPS.

The development team has actually made something new available Game Trailer The game was created using, onlyEngine Horror shooter. The video, which you can see directly at the beginning of this message, gives a little taste of the distinguishing style Stalker 2. Teaser – GSC Game World Says – Shows the Game “How it really feels: rapid changes in the landscape, threatening systems and Constant sense of inevitable danger Contrasts with guitar based soundtrack“.

At this time, there is no specific release date for STALKER 2, but the game is definitely expected 2021 First day entry into the Xbox Game Pass list on PC, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series X.

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