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How to Stop Nintendo Switch Overheating 【Video

How to Stop Nintendo Switch Overheating 【Video

The Japanese repairman told gamers to do a little work to stop a common problem.

Since the Nintendo Switch was re-released in March 2017, we have been healthy Ring Fit Adventure, Playing with Pokemon hair Let’s go pocket monsters! Pikachu · Let’s go! Evie, And attend Japanese festivals in Animal Crossing.

With all those hours of gameplay, problems with the console are likely to arise, and as we see the batteries secretly drying out at previously record speeds, today we see another problem. : Indescribable warming.

Warming up the switches via a video from Nara’s Asuka Repair Hall Co., Ltd. recently came to everyone’s attention in Japan. The company owner uploaded a video of him repairing an affected console. He saw a significant increase in overheating cases that were not caused by faulty fans or a problem with the CPU.

This is a preventable problem, however, Asuka Repair is here to show you how to do it with the following video.

The video begins by explaining the problem at hand with Asuka Repair The switch he is working on becomes too hot and closes with an error code. This particular issue was discussed by the repairman in a previous video, but at the time, it had a device with a bad fan – Common problem with switches with circuit boards marked “CPU-21”. In that case, the problem can be solved by skipping the diode chip, but for now There seem to be more overheating cases in models with working fans.

Switch This switch has no problem with the fan and is marked as CPU-20, but it still heats up.

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To illustrate the source of the problem, Asuka Repair shows us the temperature on the entire switch, which does not record anything from normal until it touches The lower right side of the console. The temperature here is above 70 degrees Celsius (158 degrees Fahrenheit) The white area is up to 79.4 degrees Celsius (175 degrees Fahrenheit).

Said Asuka Repair It was so hot in that corner, he could not touch it, And at one point he quickly turns off the power When he saw smoke coming from the problem area.

After leaving to cool slightly, Asuka opens the repair unit, removes the metal rail on the affected side and replaces it with a new one.. He acknowledged that this would be difficult to repair on his own, but made all the difference as a temperature reading after the re-installation was installed, showing that it had now dropped to 41 degrees Celsius (105 degrees Fahrenheit). Half the temperature before that.

So what is the problem in the first place, and more importantly, How to prevent it? According to Asuka Repair, the Joy-Con controllers have a train that slides in and out This area needs some extra attention from the owners.

Said Asuka Repair Slider train collects dust and debris, causing short circuit and overheating. To avoid this problem, Switch owners are advised to clean the slider rail pockets by blowing air into the area and gently brushing with a dry toothbrush..

Asuka Repair says that if the switch starts to feel hot in both hands whenever you use it, you should take it to a repair shop immediately.

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With simple handling of slider train pockets, however, you will be able to keep your switch in top condition and avoid having to visit a repair shop for as long as possible. Following his advice from a professional who worked on most switches during his time, and along with this advice given by Nintendo on how to keep our switches from dying, we will add to the list of things to know. Lack of use.

Source: YouTube / Asuka Repair Hall By Hachima Kikou
Images: YouTube / Asuka Repair Hall
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