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This second hand Nintendo DS comes with a heartfelt note

This second hand Nintendo DS comes with a heartfelt note

Image courtesy Reddit User acollier25.

“I got this DS as a birthday present when I was 10 …”

Here is a beautiful short story about a Reddit user Welcome 25, Who prefers a meeting on relevant subdivisions Laboratory work, Video game collection, And amazing video games like Silent Hill And Death Stranding. acollier25 Acquired the Nintendo DS Lite via the Internet Special gold edition The Legend of Zelda: The Phantom is adorned with triphos that accompany herglasses. When the handheld gaming console arrived, a handwritten note from the seller was added:

Nintendo DS

“Hey there! Thanks for purchasing 🙂 I got this DS as a bid gift when I was 10 years old. When it came to me I didn’t know who Link or Zelda was but in the end I definitely did! Traveled Traveled with me for long rides! I am now 23 years old + I hope someone else gets the pleasure I did. Happy Gaming / Collection! (Or re-selling. Times are tough LOL!) -Johnny “

Note that it is considered “healthy” and Acoulier 25 Posted to r / gaming. It has received numerous awards (why are there so many Reddit Awards and medals now? What is the Hughes Award?) And some 111K up-votes. This post is full of simple jokes and a thousand comments of stories.


Image courtesy / r / gaming post.

A commentator natedog637 “My mom got me this DS when I was 11 !! They only had so much for each store and she waited for hours to get it. She’s gone now, but it’s a wonderful memory I have. This DS is special. Enjoy!”

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Although Acolier 25 may seem like a video game collector, they can be bought and sold. Another commentator, frenlyneiborhudteach, “So … how much are you selling it for?” To which acollier25 replied “she is a keeper”.

Do you have a gaming item attached like this? Have you ever personally found anything in the game used? Can give feedback!