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How To Get Your Forgotten WiFi Password

How To Get Your Forgotten WiFi Password

For security reasons, a WLAN password usually consists of multiple numbers and characters. So remembering the password is not always easy. So many people write it on a piece of paper. But what if it gets lost? TECHBOOK provides easy ways to retrieve a WLAN password.

“Please give me your WLAN password” – Some of you may have heard this word from family, friends and various acquaintances who visit. As a rule, you do not have long passwords in your head, because your own devices automatically connect to the network. So if you forget your wifi password and it is not written anywhere, you can try the following five ways to find it again.

5 Ways to Find a Forgotten WiFi Password

1. via router

If you have never changed your WiFi password, it is already a built-in key, which you can usually find on the sticker at the bottom of the router. In addition to the SSID, the name and password of your WLAN network are given there. However, if you customize your WiFi password and forget it, this option is no longer available.

In addition to the router’s data, providers such as Telecom also provide an additional card with a password, which also includes a code to scan through the app – in this case no password is required.

2. via router software

If you have a Fritzbox or comparable router, you can call its user menu through your web browser. This will work even if you are not connected to the internet. Which command you must enter in the browser’s address bar varies from router to router. To do this, read the operating instructions. For common routers such as the Fridgebox and Speedport, the commands are as follows:

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Speed ​​port: speedport.ip

Many other routers can be dialed with standard IP addresses “” or “”.

Once connected, in addition to many WiFi settings, you can also access the security option under which you can find out if you have forgotten your WiFi password.

4. Via Windows

If your computer is still connected to the WLAN, the password will still be stored on your computer. To find it, proceed as follows: Select “Network and Internet” in the Control Panel and click the WLAN link in the Network and Sharing Center. Open the “Wireless Properties” section in the next window and open the “Security” tab on the right. Your password is now encrypted here. If you now enable the “Show Characters” field with a tick, the system will release the WLAN password you forgot in plain text.

5. Via Android and iOS

The same trick works with a cell phone if you still have access to the WiFi network. On Android you only need to go to WLAN settings and select by clicking on the existing link. You should be given more detailed options, including the “Change WLAN” submenu of your choice. After you enable the appropriate option below, you can find your forgotten WiFi password by clicking “Show Password”.

IOS is a little complicated because you need an iMac or MacBook. If the iCloud keychain is used between two devices, you can find the “Networks” section in the settings of this bundle, where you can display the WLAN password.

5. Use WPS

This method eliminates the need to use a password. Behind the abbreviation WPS stands the term “Wi-Fi Protected System”, which describes the process by which router and devices exchange data at the press of a button. This includes not only the WiFi name but also the password. If your router has this functionality and your devices support it, enable WPS in WLAN settings as a precaution. Connect your devices using the router’s WPS button.

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Older devices will require a WPS-enabled WLAN adapter. Make sure the “Push Button” function is selected on your router, which closes access after two minutes to prevent hackers from having a security breach.

Save the WLAN password in Password Manager

Although there are relatively simple ways to get a forgotten WiFi password with the above options, saving the password on the keychain with Apple is still useful. This means you can access it at any time, even while traveling. Password managers like LastPass offer another option. As a rule, all you have to do is remember a primary password that is as complex as possible to access the protected access.