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How to get a refund for Nintendo Switch game (ESHOP)?

Getting a refund for a switch game is not an easy thing in the world. We will explain to you where this is possible and in particular how to proceed.

Did you buy the wrong game from the Nintendo iShop on the switch? You don’t like the game anymore? Or like Minecraft, have you ever realized that you can’t play one of the two with a pair of Joy-Con? In short, you have good reasons to ask Nintendo for a refund.

Unfortunately, we’re showering your trust right now … For Nintendo, all purchases are final and irrevocable (See the exclusive webpage of the Nintendo website).

The devil is in the details

In principle, any purchase made online can benefit from a 14-day withdrawal period. Except for Nintendo playing at a certain legal point: “When you purchase digital content from Nintendo EShop, you agree at the time of purchase that Nintendo will immediately begin fulfilling its contractual obligations before the expiration date, and in doing so you explicitly waive the right to withdraw.

Simply put, by purchasing from Switzerland Nintendo iShop, you leave all possibilities for redemption. However, the rule is relaxed for purchased games Booking.

But be careful, the devil is hiding in the details here too. So when pre-ordering a game from Nintendo EShop, press the button Pre-order Should be clearly shown.

If you have a pimple Continue to purchase Only, this is a classic purchase, so no refunds. This happens when the game is available within the next 7 days.

If you have Two buttons, Select only the first one in all cases. You will have a backup solution, and by mentioning the orange background Nintendo reminds us of its limitations before making any purchase. Possibility of cancellation Or Can not be canceled.

Conditions for pre-ordered Nintendo iShop game will be refunded

  • Refunds can only be made through one game Booking.
  • The refund request must be made to the maximum 7 days Before the actual release of the game.
  • You should not start No downloads However, some games offer to download the game in advance or game components. Just like the PlayStation Store, starting a small download cancels out any chance of a refund.

How to withdraw money for Switch Pre-Order Game?

Are you over 7 days from the release of the game you pre-ordered? So let’s go to your switch and see how to get a refund.

  • Go to Nintendo iShop De la switch.

Click on your account avatar and you will be taken down the page Account information.

  • Find the tab Pre-orders.
  • A list of pre-ordered games will appear in your account.
  • Click Cancel pre-order.
  • When the process is complete, you will automatically return to the page Pre-orders It should be empty by now.

For your information, when you purchase a pre-order game, Nintendo does not immediately debit your account, so the request often cancels future debit. Absolutely, if you want some options, prefer to order in advance: You can change your mind 7 days before the game is released.