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Problems downloading Google apps on your Huawei smartphone? This is the reason

Having trouble downloading Google Apps on your Huawei smartphone? This is the reason

The conflict between the Chinese technology company and the US government may prevent you from using your favorite applications.

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November 30, 2020

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This article has been translated from our Spanish version using AI technologies. There may be errors due to this process.

If you have recently published one Huawei brand smartphone , There may be a problem installing Google applications. The reason for the new “failure” is the US government’s maintenance struggle against Chinese multinationals.

Last September, Huawei announced that it would no longer have Google services on its devices by default. Despite the results, there were ways to download technology companies’ applications, but now they are failing. In addition, it is possible Smartphones Google is starting to present difficulties even though it is already installed.

A Revit user reported problems downloading the company’s applications on a Huawei device. That person had Google services on his computer, thanks to the methods that have come out in recent months. However, in the latest updates to Google Apps, APKs cannot be installed manually.

The error that appears is the application Does not match with The device’s CPU is one of the first to be seen on Huawei mobiles with Google services.

According to media outlets specializing in technology government, Google has blocked the opportunity to install its applications on Hawaii mobiles due to pressure from the US government. The move also applies to teams with Google services for “trick”.

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This is very bad news for users because they may not have access to these applications. It remains to be seen whether the conflict will be resolved after the US election results. Or, find a way to “bypass” the system to install our favorite Google apps on any Hawaiian company Skills.

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