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How To Download Videos And Photos From Instagram

The big Facebook blackout of 2021 is over (for now), but the DNS glitch that removed the popular but controversial social networking service caused parallel damage. That means other Facebook-owned services, including WhatsApp and Instagram, are gone, and so are your digital memories. That’s why, even if your social accounts are already in the cloud – it’s a good idea to back up from time to time like all your insta-pictures. We will show you how.

But what about the memories you saw posted by others? Like Facebook or YouTube, there are copyright and revenue reasons for not taking someone else’s video. But we know you will only use our instructions on how to download photos and videos from Instagram.

Upload your Instagram content

The steps to doing this can not be simple. On the desktop, go to Instagram and select your avatar icon in the top right Settings & gt; Privacy and security. Click the link below to download the data Download request.

In the mobile app, the steps are slightly different. Go to your profile (icon in the bottom right) and then click the 3-line menu in the top right to select Settings & gt; Security & gt; Download the data.

You will see one Get a copy of your information Page. On the desktop, you have two options: either download the information in easy-to-go HTML format or retrieve it as a JSON data file that you can import into other services. Select one and click Next. You will need to re-enter your Instagram password and click Download Request.

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In the mobile app, you have no choice. Just click on the download request.

Instagram promises to get the link for you in at least 48 hours, as it may take longer if you have a lot of data stored in your account. Got mine within a minute. You can see it here with the warning that the link in the email will stop working after four days because “personal information may be in it.” “

Email with download information

To download on the desktop, enter your password (and the second authentication code if you have enabled two-factor authentication), and you will be sent back to, where you can retrieve the compressed file. (In zip format). I’m not a big Instagram yet, my file is 105MB, so you can expect significant amounts of data if you have been uploading for years.

Once you have extracted the data, if you have the HTML version, click on the index.html file to start browsing. There you will find comments, contacts, account information and more. For important items, scroll down Contents Discover posts, profile pictures and stories. (Yes, all the “quick” stories you posted disappeared to others after 24 hours). If you want to get video and image files, go to Downloads to find the file. Average Document.

Upload other people’s videos and photos to Instagram

Saving pictures and videos from Instagram is not easy. To get the save option, just long-press the photo posted in the app or right-click to save one in the desktop browser. This also applies to videos.

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The only way to store third-party Instagram content on your device is to use a third-party tool. Advertising media is one of the most versatile. Tools. It also allows you to upload a person’s profile picture, videos, photos, videos, stories or even IGTV (now Instagram video). It does not accept reels of the Instagram version of the Dictoc clip. All you need to get a specific photo or video is the correct URL.


However, if you are using a profile uploader on Toolzu, you will need to enter the person’s Instagram username and the last 12 posts will be displayed for easy upload as JPG for photos or MP4 for videos. . For older than these 12 posts, you need a URL. Toolzu also works well on mobile.

Entering a specific link on Instagram is not always easy. When on a desktop computer, you can usually right-click … Copy the link addressBut it doesn’t always work in all areas. In stories, for example, even in a desktop browser, you have to pause the video and copy the URL in the address bar. On mobile, when Story Video is running, you can click the 3-point menu and select Copy link.

Copy the link to the mobile

Toolzu is far from the only tool capable of handling Instagram downloads. Favorite desktop tools for YouTube downloads, the 4K video downloader can take care of most tasks (but it sounds like suffocation on Instagram reels). One of these works best in testing, is an ad support called iGram, a multilingual web assistant – which also supports spools if it can get a specific URL. Video. It does not have the volume processing capabilities provided by Toolzu.

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Now you have the tools and information to put anything Instagram on your own hard drive. Use your powers only for good.

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