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How to download video from Facebook?

How to download video from Facebook?

Exploitation of your grandchildren, recipes, training: No doubt you have already seen a video on Facebook and you will want to keep it and download it. If you do not figure out how to do it, make sure you do not make a mistake: social networking does not provide this functionality. Therefore it is necessary to use a specific tool.

There is nothing like browser extensions to download Facebook video on your computer. In them, you will find free solutions. If they are effective, they will rarely be updated, which can lead to security vulnerabilities. It is therefore highly recommended to choose the latest extension, i.e. “Download Facebook Videos“In Google Chrome, payment extensions are updated frequently, which makes them more reliable.

Finally, you can continue your download using the secure solution software to save the video found on Facebook. The most popular of them 4K Video Downloader. This software is lightweight and easy to install, and allows you to recover videos on TikTok, YouTube or Dailymotion.

Access the video from the Facebook social network. Then click on the three dots in the upper right corner of the video and press “Copy link”. Open a new tab in the browser and paste the link. Click on the address bar and change https: // www or https: // web to mbasic, then check. Start (…)

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