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How To Download Samsung Galaxy S21 Wallpapers After Recent Leaks

How To Download Samsung Galaxy S21 Wallpapers After Recent Leaks

Following all sorts of leaks of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S21, the official wallpapers of the device are now out for download.

Samsung The next flagship, the Galaxy S21, is subject to a lot of leaks, so the official wallpapers that come with the device are now leaked as well. They were revealed by Samsung Dipster Jimmy Is Promo, who spoke in a video on YouTube. Those who want to make their smartphones look like the upcoming Samsung flagship can easily download wallpapers to do so.

Now, like any major smartphone launch, speculations, rumors and leaks about the Galaxy S21 line are rampant. Earlier last month, the January 2021 release date for the Standard, Plus and Ultra models was announced, which seems to have been confirmed as January 14th. Other details that have been leaked include pictures and videos showing the design, Snapdragon’s confirmation of the 888 and Exynos 2100 processors for the US and international variants, information about the updated camera line on the new devices and their battery capacity.

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As Jimmy explained promo In his YouTube video, there are standard wallpapers, wallpapers that are compatible with Samsung Tex, which allows users to expand on devices to use as a desktop-like experience, and also include live wallpapers. They all take the form of flowers, brushes, or, as mentioned in the video, splashes of color reminiscent of glitter shells. As you can expect from the official wallpapers of the smartphone they are very pleasant, but very generic.

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Download Samsung Galaxy S21 Wallpapers

Samsung Galaxy S21 Tex Wallpapers

Jimmy is promo helpful Uploaded wallpapers To the Mediafire file sharing site. There, users can browse the file name, preview and download the files. In total, the standard wallpapers are 12, four tex wallpapers and six live wallpapers, which come as small video files.

Once a file is downloaded, users need to set it as wallpaper for their device. Static images will scroll through the screen into static wallpapers, while live wallpapers will flow and mix slightly. You can set live wallpapers as a lock screen display on a Samsung device and then hold down the screen to watch video play. Of course, if the rumors are true, those planning to buy the Galaxy S21 will not have to wait long to get their hands on these wallpapers without the need to download them.

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Source: Jimmy is advertising / YouTube, Mediafire

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