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How to download photos from mobile to PC?

How to download photos from mobile to PC?

We live in the digital age and the best proof of this are photographs. Taking thousands of photos on analog cameras and paper is a long way off. Today, most of our photos are stored on our phones and in the cloud, but what if we want to keep the photo in one of our frames? Or what if we lose information? It’s worth keeping them on our PC, maintaining them or choosing the best we want to display at home. To do this, we will give you some simple steps so that you can do it without any problem.

For Android mobiles

If you have a mobile with an Android system, all you have to do is connect the same mobile to the PC using the same charger cable and hit the option that says “See more options”. At that point, the mobile will tell you what you want to do when you connect to the computer and you must select the file transfer option and you will be able to access the device storage from the PC to search and select your photos.

What if I have an iPhone?

Connect the iPhone to the computer with the cable and the option to open the device to view the files will automatically appear on the screen. From that moment on you can contact the internal storage of the iPhone.

Inside the DCIM folder are all the photos available on your mobile and the ones you have in the cloud. Taken with your mobile is a folder called Apple.

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I forgot the cable, what should I do?

There are apps that allow us to download photos from mobile to PC without the need for cable.

If you work with Windows, you have the “Your Phone” app. Sign in with your Microsoft account and link your phone following the steps. You will receive an SMS to download your phone companion app and login. Accept permissions to use the functionality of the application.

After opening, drag the photos you want to your desktop.

The Telegram app also has the option of sending photos to a computer without a cable. To do this, go to the “Saved Messages” option, click on the clip and send the photos to you.

There are many other options such as OneDrive, iCloud and Amazon Drive or Dropbox. If you recommend us, we encourage you to give Google Photos a try, without a doubt one of the simplest and easiest to use apps.

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