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3 car games you can play without downloading

3 car games you can play without downloading

Anyone who is a fan of racing games knows what a good game of the theme is: speed, precise controls, extensive tracks and serious conflicts over an opponent.

All PCs can run the newest and biggest franchise games like Forza or Need for Speed, but that doesn’t mean you’re about to step on the gas: the great car games out there are lightweight and simple, but capable of entertaining motorsport fans from a wide variety of backgrounds.

All of the titles listed below are hosted on Click Games – – yet there are so many amazing car, sports and other games available there. Also check out the parents’ home office and other lists we’ve already made, such as the option to entertain children during board games to pass the time.

1. Stock Car Hero

Stock Car Hero puts you in short distance racing under powerful car control. You do not need to accelerate, control the curves and overtaking. Keep an eye on the coins, which are used to buy upgrades for the vehicle and on the turbo-painted turbos and increase your speed.

2. Drift Master

Drift, or drift, is one of the most beautiful moves of great pilots. This is very necessary for you to win in Drift Master, in which the races are fraught with obstacles and time limits. Do not forget to collect all the items on the track to get more speed.

3. Drag Racing Club

At a drag racing club, the style is different: instead of looking at other cars on the track, it is a test of accuracy. You need to change gears at the right time – when the hand reaches the green – and use the turbo at the right time to maintain speed and be in first place in the fight against the opponent.

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