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How to Download Old Mac Games with Bactom and Nanoser, PowerPC

How to Download Old Mac Games with Bactom and Nanoser, PowerPC

Those who are lucky enough to know PowerPC Max will definitely remember the pre-installed games on Apple computers: பக்டம், Nanoser e Crow-Mac RallyTo be continued Nanosorus2 e Marble Plast GoldThe last two Mac G5s are exclusive. Games designed for PowerPCs, It is very difficult to get them to work on modern machinesBut to make the games usable on the latest (and other) Macs, someone had trouble rewriting the code anew.

For those unfamiliar, in பக்டம் The player accepts the role of the pill bug that must overcome ten levels to save the world from ant invasion. Nanoser The protagonist is a fully armed dinosaur, he must steal the eggs of his allies. Finally, in Marble Plast Gold You pass levels like a marble.

In particular, they are பக்டம் e Nanoser Games that you can download and play Windows PC, MacOS and LinuxDeveloper Zorio has completely rewritten the code for the titles so that they run smoothly on modern operating systems. Both topics can be downloaded from the site jorio’s Github Repository (Bugdom and Nanosaur), at the same time Marble Plast Gold Can be played directly in the browser (link here).

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