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(Image Credit: Minecraft Education Edition/Microsoft)

How to download Minecraft Education Edition

Minecraft has gone through a ton of updates over the years, and now there are some versions of the game, both the Java version and the Petrock version being the most important.

The Java version is basically the original PC version of the game, built on the Java language. The Petrock version is Microsoft’s version of the game, available on PC and console, and also allows for cross-platform gaming. There is a third version of Minecraft, which is not based on the version to be played, but rather its purpose. The Minecraft Education Edition is used in education for many reasons and is easy to download.

How to download Minecraft Education Edition

(Image credit: Minecraft Education Edition / Microsoft)
(Image credit: Minecraft Education Edition / Microsoft)

The first step in obtaining an educational version of Minecraft is Office 365 Education Account. Since the version is provided for teachers or for any other type of education, it is not surprising that the step is required.

Office 365 is a program integrated with Microsoft that includes both Office Suite and Minecraft. Office 365 Once the education has been accounted for, the next steps can be taken if the payment is made or received elsewhere.

Next, you need to purchase a license for the Minecraft Education Edition. Subscriptions are required for the academic edition, which are based on the annual model. Licensing can be done through accredited educational partners or by purchasing the annual license directly at the Microsoft Store.

Anyone who is skeptical of the program and still does not want to leave the annual subscription, The site has a demo For the Minecraft Education Edition. The demo provides an hour-long lesson on how to code, including how to stop a wildfire. It explores other concepts along with the code feature of the demo. If the demo is adequate, the last step can be created if an educator has both an office account and a subscription.

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Once all the checks and payments are verified, all you have to do is sign in to the Minecraft site and go to the Education Edition section. There, education can be by edition Will simply be downloaded To a given site.

The sites include Windows, Chromebook and other Apple products. On top of the standard download, there are two alternative downloads, which include the classroom mode and the code link.

Posted on 04 November 2020, 02:31 am