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How to download it to go on vacation, is it mandatory?

Available June 25, European Health Passport comes into effect July 1. Available for download from the Health Insurance website, it will demonstrate the status of the Govt-19 vaccinated, tested or cured in the summer of 2021 this summer. How to get it, from what age is mandatory? Information and use of the European Health Passport.

[Mis à jour le 29 juin 2021 à 12h00] The European Parliament has formally approved the “EU Digital Govt Certificate” health passport, which will prove the status of the vaccine, tested or cured Govt-19 for travel. This certificate will be effective in all member states for a period of twelve months from July 1. As of now, 13 member states have already begun issuing EU Digital Govt certificates. For countries that require extra time, the six-week phase will be phased out.

The European Health Passport will be available on the health insurance website dedicated to the amyloid FR vaccine from June 25. How to get your European certificate to travel this summer is currently only accessible to those who have been vaccinated and can download the European Health Passport Dedicated site for health insurance vaccination. After identifying yourself with France Connect, you can print the document, download it in PDF format, or scan the QR code directly from the TousAntiCovid application. This can be accessed in the “My Notebooks” section, which contains the National Health Pass and any results of PCR and / or antigen testing.

Those who are vaccinated after the European Health Passport is put into circulation will be exempt from this treatment. They will be sent a QR code that can be read by officials from various EU countries. Please note, some vaccines are not taken into account by the health passport. This is especially the case with the Russian vaccine Sputnik V, which is not approved by the European Medicines Agency.

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From what age is a health passport mandatory? Do two adults need a negative PCR test even if they are vaccinated? In many countries the minimum age for the exam is set at 6, but there are exceptions. Portugal is asking for a negative decision for vacationers from two years, while non-EU member Scotland sets the limit to 11 years. In contrast, children under the age of 6 are excluded from a negative PCR test in Greece, as well as in Spain. It is best to check the entry conditions of the destination country before departure.

According to a survey released by Le Parisian in mid-January, 62% of French people support the compulsory vaccination of people who want to fly abroad? The EU version of the health passport, originally called the “Digital Green Certificate”, was issued by Theory Breton, the commissioner in charge of vaccinations in the context of the Govt-19 epidemic.

The first edition of the health passport set for travel this summer was issued at the end of March. On a smartphone or paper, it includes a QR code, your first and last name, your date of birth, your gender, your passport number, your Social Security number and the type of vaccine. Vaccinated.

Theory Breton pointed out that a health passport would not be mandatory. It is, above all, facilitating travel within the EU and accelerating the general reopening. Therefore, it may be requested before boarding the plane or crossing the border. In the absence of a certificate, a negative Govt test will be required to confirm that you are not a carrier of the virus: “We are also developing the ability to perform rapid antigenic tests. […] We are investing a lot, ”he promised.

If the name has changed a lot and is confusing, the European Health Certificate and the National Health Certificate are actually the same document. The Secretary of State for European Affairs provided details on the matter on his Twitter account at the end of April: “We are working on a European pass, which will not be the second document, and it will be the same. [..] At the European level, it will be possible to find more travel, freedom, and travel during the holidays, this summer, for tourism. “

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Supporting moving into the EU is not a travel ban, so a European health certificate will not be mandatory to travel to Europe during the 2021 summer holidays. If there are any restrictions in the countries where you have to travel, it is necessary to comply with the measures set by the local health authorities.

After a difficult year due to Covit-19, Spain reopened its borders to passengers vaccinated against Covit-19 on June 7, 2021. International ships are again allowed to sail in Spanish ports. Another relaxation that tourists want to renew is that Europeans who already have the right to travel to Spain with a negative PCR test of less than 72 hours can now be satisfied with an antigen test

Until now, passengers between Corsica and the continent had to present a negative RT-PCR test of less than 72 hours and an assurance that there were no signs of Govt-19. From June 9, 2021, it will be mandatory for people traveling to or from Corsica from the age of 11.

EU Health Certification Not currently outside the EU Traveling within the EU, existing restrictions on movement of boundaries and movement are established by countries.

During his interview with CBS, Emmanuel Macron announced that he was a European Health Certificate Discounts To citizens of the United States. US tourist arrivals will be facilitated in Europe, which could lead to bilateral agreements this summer.

The Health Passport is available in paper and digital versions for download on their smartphone. It will be a QR code that reads “Your date of birth, your passport number certified on the QR code, the type of vaccine you had if you were vaccinated, and antibodies whether or not you were a carrier of the disease.” For those who request an R test, the status of your PCR test will be determined “.

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Vaccination certification is one of the tools of the health passport. At the time of the first vaccination, health insurance will issue you a vaccination certificate. This is the second injection certificate that confirms your body passport. In the paper certificate, you will find a QR code listing information that would justify your defense against Govt-19.

Downloaded by nearly 15 million French people, the government application to monitor Covid-19 pollution has all benefited from a new feature called “Garnet” since April 19, 2020. Users can now store the results of any screening test, negative or positive, and their vaccination certificate on the mobile app.

How does this new Cornet de Dows anti-Govt feature that can act as a health passport work? After your PCR or antigen test, the lab will give you a QR code for a digital or paper document that will allow you to integrate the results into the application (Certificates and Notebook tab). On April 29, you can also find your vaccination certificate there. For those who have already been vaccinated, they will have to wait until the second half of May to update the data on the use of anti-Dow Govt.

TousAntiCovid Carnet has been testing Ajaxio for a few days only on some Air France and Air Corsica flights. In the long run, the resumption of this new activity and tourism, which seeks to ease border controls, will be operational at the European and international levels.