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Liquor is not dreaming of Airboats 3

Liquor is not dreaming of Airboats 3

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Rumors » Worst case scenario: Airboats 3 is not a liqueur dream

We can expect Airbots 3 to no longer be offered in March. Now a popular leak has manifested itself accordingly, which can be explained in its minimal form by the fact that Airports 3 will not be delivered at any time.

No Airboats 3 in March? Now commented on a popular leak topic – in the usual dry words Wrote L0vetodream on his Chinese social media account that there are no airports in his dreams.

The leaks of L0vetodream are mostly designed in this way, and he can understand this recent report that the immediate release of Airboats 3 is unbelievable. In the past, the leak has accurately predicted that Apple will initially equip the 13-inch MacBook Pro and MacBook Air with Apple silicon processors, predicting the exact colors of cases for the current iPod climb.

Earlier, visitors to TF International Securities had already indicated that Airbus 3 would not go into mass production before the third quarter. This will lead to an early start in the fall. Along with this outlook there was also a pessimistic forecast regarding the sale of aircraft for the current year. This message Report.

Airbots 3 will probably come in the design of the Airbnb Pro

Everything became very clear: Airboats 3 appeared frequently in various leaks recently, and pictures spread, Report. According to the report, Apple will mostly use the design of the Airports Pro, but will avoid certain functions such as active noise cancellation, which should be reserved for premium headphones. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Apple is facing a dilemma here, they want to set the prices for airports 3 more than 3.

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