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Mars’ diligent rover was forced to stop taking rock samples

The diligent rover of Mars was forced to stop collecting samples, and small pebbles were called everywhere.

Rover Collection of Rock Models of Mars Tuesday Perseverance I encountered a problem. NASA says the robot should be Stop collecting samples After the debris partially blocks the carousel (the component that stores the pieces again and sends the sample tubes for internal processing). The rover encountered this anomaly on December 29, but the mission team decided to send an order to disassemble the drill by January 6, detach the robot arm from the carousel and take pictures to verify what happened.

The diligent rover of Mars was forced to stop collecting samples

The obstacles in question are small pebbles that fell from the pipe at the exit of the drill, precisely preventing these pieces from being placed correctly in the carousel. Storage is absolutely crucial for NASA if it is to retrieve these models from Earth.

However, this does not indicate the end of the sample collection. Louis Zandura, NASA / JBL Lead Model Engineer, explained that the carousel was designed to work with debris. This is not the first time the team has cleaned them up. Louis Jandura, respecting the protocols, noted that the operators would take all necessary time to remove these stones.

Small pebbles are called everywhere

This is not the first time a problem has occurred with the Persverns Rover. The robot failed its first prototype collection attempt and the Ingenity helicopter encountered the problem during its sixth mission. At the same time, all of these perfectly illustrate the challenges of this type of task – even a task that may seem as simple as collecting and storing a sample can cause many problems. On Mars, which has so far been removed from our blue planet, the corrections are not easy or definitive.