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How to download filters and use them in your Dictoc videos

How to download filters and use them in your Dictoc videos

What are the best filters for Dictoc, how to download them and most importantly: how to use them? Many questions asked by new users of the app, the answers are here!

It’s been a while since then Dictoc It is a mobile Jaguar, which surpasses even the largest apps already installed Instagram (Only if there is some time). Now, Tic-Tac-Toe has succeeded in creating its place, and promises more and more for the final review.

If you are interested, this guide is not for you as watching Dictoc videos is at the center of the experience. But budding users want to start filming their adventures and use filters, Here is a guide to these so-called dictator filters!

Dictoc: How to download filter in Dictoc?

The use of filters, whether they add awkward and original effects or they are only minor improvements and corrections of colors and imperfections, Necessary in Dictoc. Ideal for shooting a short video without many flaws, you still need to know where and how to find them!

Download one Filter ticks It is not on the list already installed with the application:

  • Download a third-party video editing application
  • A choice: PeekatMajestyVideoshopVideoVideo Show
  • Of these, the assembly tool would be more complete than these dictator offers
  • Create your video on one of these sites
  • All you have to do is import the created video directly into Dictoc!

You understand that, Selecting filters that are already in Dictoc is unfortunately only available. However, many users do not hesitate to go through another application to stand alone … it often makes a difference.

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Dictoc 2021: Photo, Video, Sepia, Polaroid Effects Filters …

If you prefer Dictoc Filters without looking at one of the external applications for social networking, their use is easy:

To use the video filter in the Dictoc application:

  • Go to the creative menu by tapping+By tapping on “Profile” via the icon at the bottom, or bottom right
  • After page “Create“.
  • Choose your video settings (such as duration, selfie or main camera)
  • The options bar on the right now has a menu Filters.
  • Go inside and you will have a wide selection Tick ​​the filters Create all possible videos and effects.