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Thanks to the vaccines it is so scary.  Does the virus spread in 10 seconds?  Here because "

Thanks to the vaccines it is so scary. Does the virus spread in 10 seconds? Here because “

Delta variant, How dangerous is it and how well do vaccines protect us? These and other questions he answered I read Virologist Fabrizio Bregliasco, Ex explained how ‘Indian variant‘Soon it will prevail in Italy, but it should not frighten us. The percentage of vaccines already high but increasing in our country To keep us from new waves of infection After the summer.

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Dr. Bregliasko, Is it true that the virus spreads in 5-10 seconds with the delta variant?

«This is an element of the hypothesis that needs to be verified. In fact, the Australian Ministry of Health, during an epidemiological investigation, reconstructed a chain of epidemic infections, searched the index case and identified it as a quick contact on the sidewalk of a shopping center. They were persons who had no connection with each other: but this was only an observation in one case. Situations like this occur when there are super speakers, especially subjects with a high virus load».

How much do vaccines protect us? What about the second heterologous dose?

«The effectiveness of vaccines against delta variant is high: from AstraZeneca to Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson, different vaccines are essentially equivalent. We do not have enough information about the heterologous vaccine, and whether it protects us from this variant is not easy to say now: we will have to wait for studies».

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Is the new variant more or less aggressive than before?

«This is also difficult to say: at first glance it was said to have had twice as heavy effects, but now we see a different symptom in young people without fever and loss of taste and smell. I have to say that the biggest case history comes from the United Kingdom where many of the victims received the first dose of the vaccine. I would say that the Delta variant as a whole causes us less fear: it will inevitably come to Italy in a clear way, but the vaccine protection we have already received will ensure that the negative effects of the past are not lost. It would be a very civilized coexistence».

Last Updated: Thursday, 1 July 2021, 15:38

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