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Dropbox : Comment Télécharger Des Fichiers Sur Votre Smartphone

How To Download Files On Your Smartphone

I now use Dropbox as an air drop replacement on my Android smartphone and it works well. If you want, you can download the pictures and videos automatically after I take them. You can access it instantly on Mac via the shared directory. But vice versa? Need to upload something to Dropbox from my browser or Mac and open it on my mobile? Surprisingly complex.

Dropbox to Android: Export the file

Or let’s put it this way: at least it doesn’t have a simple button. But if you want to save something from your Dropbox to your Android smartphone, there is a trick. You can “export” the file:

  • Open Dropbox and go to the directory where you saved the file
  • Select the three-point menu next to the file in the list. Or open the file and tap the three-point menu in the top right corner.
  • Scroll down to the menu for “Export” and tap it
  • Tap “Save to Device” above
  • Select the directory where you want to save the file (default is “Download”) and press “Save” below.

If you want to save the file as an image in the media library, you can usually find it in the directory under the DCIM camera.

No actual shipment

Dropbox allows you to do many things with your file. You can upload them to Google Drive or Google Photos, send via GMail, create Instagram story from them, share wirelessly with NearShare or Bluetooth and much more.

Unfortunately, I do not know why Dropbox buried the backup so deeply and hid it under “Export”. It does not export file conversion material. This way you can save them just like you would on your device.

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By the way, our instructions apply to both Android and iPhone. Dropbox offers 2GB of free storage on standard plan. If you invite friends or acquaintances to Dropbox, you will sometimes get a little free storage. Personally, this is enough to transfer my own photos and videos from Android smartphone to Mac. The reverse is less common, but if you ever need it, thanks to this guide, you now know how to do it.