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How to download European Health Pass to go on vacation?

How to download European Health Pass to go on vacation?

The European Health Pass will be mandatory for travel to European countries from Thursday, July 1st. We explain how to get it.

Its introduction caused a stir, with the Health Pass being mandatory in France from June 9, with more than 1,000 people able to attend the gathering events. It is required in theaters, performance halls, conference rooms, exhibitions or festivals. “Some people pretend the happy days are back, but the epidemic is still there. Removing the health pass cannot be considered immediately. It would be irresponsible. Remember that the health pass is not a barrier, but an opportunity. It is not a vaccine passport.”, Roslyn Bachelot responded to those who requested that access to certain events this summer not be mandatory.

Passport to travel with complete peace of mind in more than thirty countries

To travel in peace all over Europe this summer, it is necessary to bring the European Health Pass, from today, July 1st. It allows you to travel across 26 EU states and to Switzerland, Iceland, Monaco, Andorra or Norway. The purpose of this certification is not to allow its holders to be unrestricted in their operations, to comply with an isolation or to be subject to mandatory performance of screening tests when they arrive at the site of a different delta. It is accessible to unvaccinated and unprotected individuals according to the following methods. For those who have been vaccinated, the process is simple. All you have to do is download the vaccine certificate from the site Medical insurance. It is now automatically placed in European format.

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Document to be submitted as paper in digital format

For those with a negative or positive PCR test of less than 3 months, linking to the site is essential SI-DEP To get this precious document. Evidence of negative tests is also generated in the European form. “A positive test is valid as proof of recovery for a maximum of 6 months in France, but this may vary depending on the target country.”, Refers to the Minister of Health. As with previous solutions, this European health pass can also be incorporated into the TousAntiCovid application or provided in digital version in PDF format for example or on paper.