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windows 11 nouveautés

How to download beta now

A few days ago, Microsoft lifted the veil on the brand new Windows 11, although a new OS க்கூடிய that can be downloaded for free on many computers equipped with Windows 10 is subject to certain conditions. Apparently, Windows 11 will have new features, new graphic identification, support for new commands or Android applications.

How to download preview version of Windows 11?

Today, Microsoft announced the launch of the first official preview version of this new Windows 11.Create an internal preview 22000.51”Already available for download, which will allow you to discover some new features of this OS that will be launched soon. The example opportunity to test this new part of Windows 10 “Start” is now shown in the center of the screen. A novelty that is not unanimous …

The new taskbar is part of this first preview version, not to mention the revised file explorer, new themes, backgrounds, widgets, touch controls, multitasking… obviously “preview configuration” obligations, or the integration of this first version of Windows 11 with Microsoft Some of the most anticipated features such as support for Android apps. For this we will have to wait a little longer.

To benefit from this pre-release of Windows 11, you must first become a member of the Windows Insider program. Since then, it has been possible to download an invaluable file, and it is explicitly (and recommended) for developers at Microsoft to comment on this new Windows 11 in order to allow it to be refined before its public release.

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Keep in mind that Windows 11 should launch by the end of this year, and the update will be free for Windows 10 and earlier versions.