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How To Download And Install A Game Remotely

How To Download And Install A Game Remotely

Waiting for the game to download and install (except for updates of course) to start playing on your console is much more frustrating. If you have an Xbox, you can use its built-in remote access feature to control it and manage its contents from your smartphone while you are away from home.

With this feature, you can start downloading and installing any game on your console without having to wait for it to return home.

Whether it’s a title already offered in your library’s Game or Xbox Game Pass offer, this function will save you precious time and above all allow you to start the game without having to wait until you get home. Here’s how to do it.

Find out more in the video:

1. Enable remote features

Turn on your console and press the Xbox button on your controller. In the side panel, go to the section Profile and organization Then enter Settings From the console.

Select Devices and connections In the left column and enter the menu Remote function.

Check the box Enable features remotely And at the same time check that Wait Built in The day before, And not energy saving.

You should start an Xbox test to see if your setup meets all the required conditions. When the test is complete, press To be continued.

Press finally Close In the confirmation window ” You are ready Which is shown.

2. Download Xbox and / or Xbox GamePass applications

To access your console remotely from your smartphone, you can use two applications: Xbox App On Android And iOS Allows you to manage your console, while also getting the Xbox GamePass app Android And iOS, Allows you to manage your Xbox Pass games and stream them from your smartphone if you subscribe to the offer.

You must sign in with your Microsoft account on each processor. In the Xbox app, press the button Login Open the app and enter your username and password.

In the Xbox GamePass app, select the icon Profile Will be displayed in the bottom center of the screen, then press Login. Enter your username and password for your Microsoft account to start the connection.

3. Start downloading the game remotely

Downloading the game remotely can be done in many ways. If you want to install an existing game in your Xbox Game Library, open the Xbox app on your Android smartphone or iPhone.

Go directly to the tab My library. Then select the game you want to install and press Download to console. In the popup that appears, select your console and press I.Install on this console Check its installation.

If you are an Xbox GamePass subscriber, you can find and download the game using the Xbox app. However, browsing the GamePass list from the dedicated Xbox GamePass app is much easier.

To install the game from GamePass, open the appropriate app on your smartphone, explore the list of games, and then select your preferred title.

Press the button Install, Select your console and press Install on this console Remotely check the installation of the game on your Xbox.

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