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How To Compare Xbox Series X Download Speed ​​With Xbox One

How To Compare Xbox Series X Download Speed ​​With Xbox One

The new Xbox Series X is getting a lot of attention for its fast download speed, but how do they compare to the speed of the Xbox One?

The Xbox Series X. Releases next week, and the console is already drawing more attention to its speed. This includes both loading times and download speeds, which are faster than Xbox One time and have shaken up early reviewers. How fast is the download speed of Xbox Series X compared to previous generation consoles?

Even for the next gen console, the Xbox Series X runs surprisingly fast. This is thanks to the specifications of the Xbox Series X. Custom 1TB NVME SSD hard drive enables this high speed. The 8-core custom Gen 2 processor upgrades everything, giving Xbox Series X users a smoother and faster loading experience.

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Additionally, the console’s new Quick Application features offer seamless transitions between apps and games. This means players can pause a game on the Xbox Series X, open the app, and then move on to the game without closing. These kinds of quick transitions and speeds are interesting, and make the Xbox Series X stand out from previous Xbox consoles. Because the download speed of the Xbox Series X is equally impressive, it doesn’t stop there.

Xbox Series X download speed compared to Xbox One

Not all Xbox Series X games run on the Xbox One

On a 1GB internet plan, the download speeds of the Xbox Series X average 200 Mbps and 320 Mbps. That means games like this Assassin Belief: Valhalla, It has a download size of 47.48 GB and takes about thirty minutes to fully download on the Xbox Series X with a comparable internet connection. Death Combat XLIt is 41.78 GB which can take up to twenty minutes. It’s incredibly fast, even for the next gen console. The download speed of the Xbox Series X is particularly impressive compared to the speed of the Xbox One.

On average, users with a 1GB internet plan can download at an average of 30 Mbps on the Xbox One. The Xbox One X is a bit faster, but it still has 200-320 Mbps. This is one of the many ways in which the Xbox Series X is improving on its predecessor, and the Xbox Series X console is one of the reasons for receiving such positive reviews. Longtime Xbox users will immediately recognize the differences in speed, and even Xbox newcomers should be pleased to see how fast the download speed of the console is.

With less than a week to go, Xbox fans will not have to wait long to see their fastest download speeds. The Xbox Series X. Released on November 10, 2020.

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