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How to ask for 500 euros with PC and tablet bonus, IC limit – question

Applies to questionable discount offer An ultra-broadband Internet network And, at the same time, a PC Or a Tablet. There will be bonuses Usable for one year, or when the shares last.

Bonus “PC and Tablet”: Is it necessary to change the operator?

If you live in areas that have been reached by more than one operator that provides fast connections, you may request switching from an already active operator to another for ultra-broadband. You can use the bonus and then switch to another operator using any remaining part of the bonus, until the connection speed is at least equal to the previous contract and without deducting the latter which includes costs. Operators must also ensure that contracts expire at the end of the offer period.

Bonus “PC and Tablet”: Can I only request the purchase of devices?

You cannot request a voucher exclusively for your tablet or PC, which can only be obtained following the signing of an ultra-broadband connection agreement of not less than 30 Mbps. So you need to request the devices directly from the provider you are subscribing to the internet connection. By signing the connection agreement, you can, in fact, use a portion of the bonus to “purchase” electronic devices such as tablets and PCs selected and delivered by the same operator on which the Internet agreement is executed.

Bonus “PC and Tablet”: how to claim it

The bonus in question will not be paid directly to the user (as happens with other types of bonuses), but will be requested from the phone operator when signing the internet contract. Operators interested in participating in this initiative must register on a special platform managed by Infratel Italia (

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Bonus “PC and Tablet”: Submission of application

The deadline set by the government to use the bonus October 2021: Application must be submitted by this month